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  • big game! we simply have to win if we are to stay in the hunt for 4th & stop the rot.

    i think it will be close & lots of goals.
    im going to say 2-2 draw.

    prob be a boring 0-0 game now.

    id love a 1-0!

    good news is no bellamy or swp.

    id prob start crouch & keep the rest of the team the same as wolves.

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    • Been to pick up train tickets tonight, cant wait to go! This game is one of biggest, if we lose here could be devastating, real confidence knock and who knows were well be after christmas! How ever if we inflict only a second defeat on them, confidence could be sky high and set us up for christmas period! Villa really seem to have hit some good form, winning tonight has really put pressure on us, and fair play to them! But are we any less of a team than them? lets show we are not by beating man city and really going on a run of games that sees us forfill our potential...

      spurs 3-2 man city (cant see goaless draw can either of us defend at the moment? lol)

    • Also id loved to be adventurous and put some pace and skill on the pitch to make a real exciting match, could you imagine defending against defoe, gio, lennon, modric and kranjcar with naughton and BAE over lapping? also palacios biting at ya heels?!

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      • Love to see the win - I really can't see it though.

        So its a 2-2 for me...huh!! for once I am in agreement with you Spurbabe!

        In my 'Bouncing back from the Wolves game thread' I said that we would get a 1-0 win, but we have been leaking goals left, right and centre recently.

        And with Carlos 'Quasimodo' Tevez scoring for fun for City at the moment, I can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Also Adeboo-boo also has quite a prolific scoring record against us

        Ho-hum... being a Spurs fan can be very stressful at times!

    • I'll go for a pessimistic 2-2, but if Lennon/Keane/Defoe/Krancjar (Modric) turn in good performances, then I can see a 3-1 or 3-2.

      I just want to see the boys turn in a performance that makes you think '...yep, we're playing good stuff...' - not chewing your nails to the quick, hoping for the final whistle!

      Lets get that midfield dominating. Hudd has got to reward 'arry's faith in him at some point and grab the game by the scruff of the neck.


    • It can only get better when Modric is back to full fitness!

      Adebayor was positively pedestrian and seems to have gone off the boil lately. BAE kept him well contained.

      Thought Kranjcar should have got Sky MOTM though I grant you Lennon had a cracking game. Nice to be spoiled for choice for a change.

    • It's nice to faced with the decision - where does Modric play. Based on tonight, Kranjcar, Lennon and Palacios (apart from his at times atrocious passing) are shoe ins - so dies he oust Hudd?

    • ive been thinking the same thing, where will modric play. and on this years form u cant drop hudds or palacios or any of them. i can see a rotation of krancjar, hudds and palacious to make room for modric, who i glad doesny need to b rushed back as niko is playing well. then there is jenas who im not a fan but does at times do well . glad its this kind of headache we have .

    • Did anybody else also think that Dawson had an immense game?
      I only recall him missing one aerial battle all night. IMHO the M-o-t-M was between him and Krancjar. Lennon started slow and then got going - but Daws was consistent all night, and his distribution was excellent as well.

      To reduce City to a few not even half chances (ignoring the late Adebayor miss) just shows how well the back four played.

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      • John, Dawson was magnificent last night to me he was the man of the match, also thought Kranjcar was immense for us, Lennon looked really sharp with good link up play, i also think everybody put in a shift last night and i was also pleased to see our fans back on song with great vocal support.
        Personally i think it was our best performance alongside the opening game with Liverpool, we were subdued for around 25 minutes but we were superb for the last 15 minutes of the first half.
        We also have to give great credit to Gomez i think he has been superb for us and last night hardly anything to do but when called on 2 great saves.
        I was on this thread Saturday saying how dissapointing we were against Wolves but what a difference a few days make back in the hunt, if we had have lost last night i think we could of wiltered but we were confident last night and my drive home last night was more enjoyable than Saturday i can tell you.
        Going back to your point John on Mr Dawsons performance last night he should and could be in contention for the plane to South Africa, Cappello could do worse than take him even if he is a squad player, he read the game so well and they originally said he could only play when Ledley played, so Ledley could talk him through the game. When he wears the arm band im sure it makes him a much more mature player and even when Woody and King are back i dont think either one of them will be first choice.
        Where do we play Modric is now the question, you must play him but who makes way, after last night we could not possibly drop Kranjcar do we jig the midfield drop Huddleston and push Modric up behind the front 2, its a good situation to have lets see what Harry does.

      • Dawson.......couldn't agree more John.For me Dawson has come of age.soild and a leader.MOTM yes......though you could pick out 9 others too for their contribution......who have I left out? Corluka......not impressed by him.seems he has trouble controlling the easiest of balls.Great result!!!!!! COYS

    • Sfer,
      Keep going....!
      I had thought that Bale was to be 'arry's left sided midfielder ( I know he was bought as a FB) - and I think it was looking that way until Modric. Now Bale is neither a FB or 'owt. Shame - as I also think that he's got the talent - and would be obvously good at the defensive duties.

      But how do you play them all? You need cover in each position - ok so Krancjar isn't a winger - who else is there on the left - Dos Santos? Modric? It seems that 'arry is content playing one true winger with the left mid playing a Beckhamesque role (or dare I say Anderton) - where they whip in balls from outside the 18 yeard box.

      Interesting dilemma for 'arry - especially as it looks like he can't buy unless he sells. And if he sells, what part of the team should he bolster? Right back if Hutton goes? Keeper? CB? The other factor is also who's off on Jan to the African Cup.

    • John - It's gotta be a CB now that we're losing Bassong for January. Can't rely on Ledley or Woody, so we need someone to partner Daws. unless we have a youngster in the wings that I don't know about!

    • i dont think hudd wil ever grow into the CM he could be.
      but id rather keep him than jenas. so id sell jenas as hudd got more potential.

      either we put hudd at CB when bassong goes or we buy CB & end up with 5 after jan.

      i still think bale would be a good LM so he can cover there.
      he would need to improve defensively to be a LB.

      more of gio & naughton when we can.

      bye to jenas,bentley,pav.

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