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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 17, 2009 06:04 Flag

    Ahhh Lovely Stuff! 3-0 To The Spurs!

    Ahhhh Quite Superb!

    Can anyone, having witnessed tonight's
    wonderful defeat of Man City sensibly deny
    the remarkable stewardship of Mr Redknapp is
    reaping dividends?

    I would be genuinely surprised should Tottenham not finish above Villa this year!

    In fact...

    I'll eat my hat!

    Kind Regards, Bert "Cuffy" Merris (at your service)

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    • Sure was sweet. Kranjcar was perfection. The switching was masterful. Keane should start over Crouch tomorrow. Who gets benched when Modric comes back?

    • Bert, I just don't understand you. I implore the public to talk football on the Chelsea board and no one ever does; you always respond to the other threads there that are unlrelated to football. Yet here you are, on the Spurs' board, talking about the game we all love. Why not post some of this on the Chelsea board, Bert? Let's make it as interesting as some of the other football forums are, eh?

    • Have to say Bert, it was a joy to watch them play tonight - with the exception of the odd wayward pass here and there.

      This is the type of footie we need to be playing consistently in order to maintain a push for a top 4 finish, especially against the "big 4". I thought we defended well and pushed forward confidently. Lennon's crossing has improved no end and he's a continual threat down the right side and a thorn in defenders' side.

      If only we'd picked up max points from the Villa, Everton and Wolves games ... sigh!