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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 18, 2009 01:42 Flag

    Wolves Reserves

    IMHO it's wrong. You play football to win and you never know what will happen on the day. So to 'cop' out (and I say that meaning 'to put out a team that you don't think will win') before the game starts does two or three things - 1) It says to your first 11 'you're not good enough' (as how does Mick know they couldn't have got a draw or a win?) 2) It says to the fans 'we don't give a stuff about you' and 3) as Arsene says, it gives an unfair advantage to the team you play.
    (Doing it Mick's way, why bother playing at all? Why not just get all the managers together at the start of the season and decide who will beat who. The whole season could be over in a day. Saves all those expensive wages and fans travelling - then they could get CGI games made up for the punters to watch.)

    I was disappointed when 'arry did the same in the UEFA.

    The question is debatable now though, given that teams have to have squads of 20+ players - so what is a first or second string? If Mick actually thought the team he fielded could win or get a result, then fine. This goes back to the same argument re the Woolwich team fielding a 'second string' in the CC.

    So, to me, the question isn't whether the team is first, second, third, fourth string - it's whether the manager is putting out a team to try to win or at least get a result.

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    • I understand the differing opinions on this thread but what about the responsibilities of a manager?
      Some will say his responsibility is completely to his employer ie his football club.
      But what about his responsibility to the game of football with all the intrinsics that that means?
      For sure football is too far down the financial road to even consider fair play. IE..As in putting your best available team out to try your best to win it!!!!!
      Not to say that Wolves did put their best available 11 against us but then Mick knew he didn't have to.

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      • I wonder what the regular first team players thought about being left out of arguably one of the biggest games of their career? I am sure some of these players would have dreamed about playing sides of Uniteds stature for years.

        I would be spitting feathers if i had ben denied a game like that i reckon.

        Hell, it was bad enough losing out on a Premier league professional playing career due to injury just as i was about to put pen to paper.