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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Dec 23, 2009 00:23 Flag

    Robbie Keane

    Ermm............. we are already out of the Carling,

    So the F.A cup is the only trophy on offer. Could experiment against Peterborough, but not the bigger teams.

    I agree with your sentiment but it's a results driven business, most manager's are shit scared to blood the youngsters.
    Harry daren't risk too much in the EPL, not until 4th place is secure (last game?) or unattainable.


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    • Born 2 suffer great name for us Spurs fans, other teams do experiment like Arsenal and Utd i know your going to say well they are already in the Champions league but they are not worried if they play them, bear in mind Wenger has not won anything for god knows how long, does not stop him doing it in games, my point was not to play all of them in one game but blood them every so often, we have only just turned the corner as a team and to be honest i dont think any of them could have done any worse than Hutton, Bale, Bentley and Jenas in the games we have played against Utd in the Carling cup and Wolves last week.
      The other strong point is what do we have the academy players for, none of them break through to the first team they are loaned and we sign clowns like the four mentioned, we are going nowhere with them sort of players. We need to develop young players and give them a chance when the time is right.
      When you look at West Ham, look what they have achieved with raw talent, they cannot keep hold of the players they are not a fashionable club, we have signed many players from there and they have all gone on to make the grade.
      Taking Bostock into context, when we signed him from the Palace he was on everyones shopping list he made his debut at 15 in the first team where is he now 3 years on, at Brentford on loan it just does not make any sense to me, Spurs could easily get rid of 6 so called first team players in January and we would not miss one of them.
      Yes i most certainly agree with your logic on top 4 that would be heaven but signing players like Boruc is a step back, this is a prime case for bringing the youth through, why would he or Gomez want to sit on the bench they are both good enough to play

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      • Sash, I agree with you, but unfortunately most managers, as I've said, won't experiment. Maybe Harry feels he needs to get his feet under the table first and maybe achieve something tangible. Thereafter, I'm quite sure he will blood a few.

        As you say, Bentley, Hutton and Jenas can go, though not sure about Bale....he is young enough to improve.

        As for Robbie, I would not have took him back. He had a good spell with Berbs, but before that he appeared a little bit clueless, just like now. Yes he grafts, so did I as a player, but that's not enough to reach the top and is why you didn't get the chance to cheer me on thirty odd years ago.