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  • Old Fan Old Fan Dec 27, 2009 09:38 Flag

    Robbie Keane ...... again

    Completely agree re: Keane - as soon as Daffy and Modric came on we looked a lot better and looked like we might be up for a goal. And with the few touches Modric had, his class stood out. If it were me, I would have left Krancar on and taken Jenas off.

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    • Me too, O.F.

      Keane tries hard, but his touch isn't good enough when space is tight. I think it's time to cash in (again) and use the money to improve elsewhere.

      Harry talks about Keano's contribution in the dressing room etc., but surely that's what his larger than usual staff should be doing. If not, what the fcuk are they doing here?

      I'm not forgetting we are doing quite well. but have to say we've rode our luck a few times this season. So we still need the odd tweak here and there.