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  • fazed fazed Dec 27, 2009 01:55 Flag

    Robbie Keane ...... again

    Has Harry not noticed that when we start with Keane we invariably fail to threaten the opposition's goal. Celtic please take him away

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    • I'm going to side with Galaway in this one. I agree he hasn't been at his best and I can absolutely see where you guys are coming from, but I think - whilst he hasn't been at his best - he has still worked hard AND played a position that isn't his own for the good of the team (when we had him playing on the wing - have no idea why that was). And he does do a lot of uncredited stuff on the pitch and, in my view, is a much less slefish player than Defoe (not slagging Defoe off or saying Keane should start ahead of him, as I don't think that is the case at all).

      Also, if you remember before Berbatovs arrival, Keane was on the bench a lot as he couldn't shift Defoe. Then things switched.

      And I think, and I may be wrong, that he will sit on the bench and not throw his toys from his pram. I think he has that ethic.

      Now I know he jumped ship to Liverpool, which was hard to swallow for me too, but I don't think he would leave again after basically getting a second chance. As I say, I may be wrong on that one, but thats my gut feeling.

      So personally, I'd like us to stick with him.

    • Do you think he will be happy warming the bench and being more of a role player until (if?) he regains his form? Because I really do not see him getting much in the way of starting the way Crouchie and Daffy are playing right now.
      I for one would love to see Keane come back to what he used to be - I'm just not seeing it! If he was the player he used to be we would have one hell of a strike force!

    • I'm sorry lads no matter hard I I try I just cannot see your point of view! I still believe Keane has a lot to offer to this club, if we sell him it will ultimately end up coming back to haunt us!

    • Galway - as has already been stated - 4 goals in a game that was completely one sided - against a weak defense on the day is not something I would use as an example of his goal scoring prowess.
      But be honest - what else has he done since he came back to the Lane.
      He was great for us before he went to Liverpool - but he has not done a thing (except for the 4 goals) since his return. And let's not forget that he was the one talking up Spurs and that he was a Spurs player, then all of a sudden he's off to Liverpool.
      As Jack said - if we can trade up (which given his current form wouldn't be difficult!) I think we should do it - although I'm not sure we'd get much for him at this point in time.

    • I'd say Keano turned on us when he fulfilled his "childhood dream" of playing for Liverpool. I'd say the fact we took him back speaks volumes of our loyalty to Keano. The fact is, he hasn't delivered, besides the four goals against Burnley he has scored two league goals this campaign. Therefore if we have a viable option lined up at striker come January I see no reason why we shouldn't cash in on Keano before his poor play affects his value more than it already has.

    • Galway, no I hadn't forgotten the 4 he scored, but it was only against Burnely. It kind of makes my point, in that for all the rest of the games he has played in he hasn't scored or contributed very much at all. As for "going a couple of Game without scoring", well it's a bit more than that isn't it.

      Keano has lost his way somewhere. He has been a good servant for Spurs, but I don't think I'm being disloyal, after all - he started it.

      So I say Get rid while he still has some value.

    • B2S & Oldfan,

      I'm not sure if I'm correct on this one but hasn't Keano scored 4 goals in one game already this season? - against Burnley if my memory serves me right...so that blow's any ideas of him not scoring this season completely out of the water!

      Ok, so be it.... turn on Keane if you want, you can even turn on Defoe or Crouch when they go a couple of games without scoring - what the heck!! we can sell them to our nearest rivals and get in some player (or players) that will take time to adjust to playing in the EPL - but by that time we will be challanging the likes of Wigan or Blackburn for 10th place..

      I think it will only be a matter of time before he re-discovers the form that made him so prolific the first time round with the lillywhites.

    • I think we should cash in on Keano while we still can. Hell of a player all the years we've had him, but the Liverpool move has proved catastrophic. His goal scoring since his return has been abysmal. I think Keano has scored sixteen goals in Premier League fixtures since the start of the 08-09 campaign. It's clear Crouchy and Defoe are becoming the first choice strike partnership and while it's nice to have the luxury of bringing a player like Keano off the bench I feel as though this would be our last opportunity to sell him for anywhere near the fee we paid to bring him back from Liverpool. If we could get a fee somewhere in the range of 10-15 million pounds, I'd say take it. We could use the money to improve other areas of the squad. Of course if we did sell Keano we would need to look for strike help as well with Pavy's exit looking imminent.

    • I understand the sentiment Galway - but let's be honest - what has Keane done since he's been back. I honestly do not think he has been the player he was (not even close) since his return to the Lane - before or after the Henry handball!
      How long does he get to improve - his goal drought has lasted for well over a year? I don't think he became a bad player over night either - it took months at Liverpool and I do not think he has ever recovered. That move to Liverpool "his boyhood dream" has turned out to be the biggest disaster imaginable to his football career. I would love to see him get back to his old ways - but I just don't see it happening.
      Perhaps if he went to the SPL he could find a place to compete again and get some of his confidence back - I'm just not sure it's going to happen in the EPL.

    • Galway, I'm surprised that you say Robbie's form has dropped since the France Game. In all honesty, I don't think he has played well since he came back (that's a year now) and he was crap at Anfield so that's more than two years all told.

      Just how long do you think he should have?

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