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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Dec 29, 2009 05:30 Flag

    A Rich Mod in fine form?

    So Modric your little talented talisman returned today and got of to a flyer Yiddos! A bit like our little talisman Fab yesterday.

    Now every team suffers injuries to key players and some cope better than others, we are missing Van Persie (and others) but have so far managed to stay in touch with the leaders Chelski.

    Chelski themselves are about to lose Drogba and a handful of other key players as they head off to deepest darkest Africa for up to a month, we lose Song who has become a Key player for us it seems also.

    You guys have faired well without arguably your best player and have done so with a blank firing captain too!

    So.....now you have the little "Rich Mod" back and firing, on paper at least, things are about to hot up for your crowing cocks ( plucked chickens in my book! i'm only being honest!).

    My beloved Arsenal have just lost Fabregas to injury again casting a shadow over our win against Villa.

    Take into account the differing situations of the clubs surrounding you and surely a glint is forming in some of those Yiddish eyes??

    City will be out to impress their latest boss but how long will that last?

    Lpool have Gerrard and Torres fit again!

    Fulham are HOT potatoes this season!

    Will Villa bounce back?

    Its turning out to be a corker of a season if you ask me and we have now reached the half way point!

    Personally i believe it could possibly turn into just maybe perhaps the closest fight at the top in recent memory ( notice my stance is neatly sat on the fence).

    Feel free to post any thoughts on how things will pan out or just call me a gooner loving knob jockey madly in love with a strange looking frog!

    Then again just ignore this post entirely!

    But whatever you decide..

    Make sure you ENJOY!

    (its only entertainment after all).


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    • I know you are trying to stay grounded, NBR, and none of us should get too carried away, but I think Harry has got us purring this season, and in my humble opinion we are definitely up there with our neighbours for watchability and style. I think we dominated against the Hammers from start to finish, and yes, we have won games this season we haven't really deserved to, but we have also lost and drawn games where 3 points wouldn't have flattered us! We deserve to be where we are and hopefully we can go from strength to strength.

    • Hey Fabby ... only 10 points between 1st and 6th (I think) ... Chelsea losing some of their squad to the ANC for January .... At a stretch I could see any of the top 6 having a good run and even threatening for the title (yeah - I know it's a little bit of a stretch - but the fact that it's even conceivable is remarkable).
      Could be one of the great home stretch races for many years - and should certainly sort the men out from the boys ... let's think ... which team has a lot of boys playing ....