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  • Old Fan Old Fan Dec 29, 2009 05:53 Flag

    A Rich Mod in fine form?

    Hey Fabby ... only 10 points between 1st and 6th (I think) ... Chelsea losing some of their squad to the ANC for January .... At a stretch I could see any of the top 6 having a good run and even threatening for the title (yeah - I know it's a little bit of a stretch - but the fact that it's even conceivable is remarkable).
    Could be one of the great home stretch races for many years - and should certainly sort the men out from the boys ... let's think ... which team has a lot of boys playing ....

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    • Ha!


      I have just looked at the Arsenal Fixtures for Jan.

      ManU,Everton and Villa followed by Chelski first game in Feb.

      Squeaky bum time.

      It could well become a game of "musical chairs" at the top from now on.

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      • I agree that the top 6 will probably shift position quite a bit right up until the end of the season - which makes for more excitment, but more soiled underwear too (anyone else have this problem? Just me?).

        However things turn out I'm happy that we are now about halfway through the season and we're in or around the top four (that could change after the Liverpool / Villa game, which I hope is a draw). We've made it halfway through the season keeping pace, now I'm hopig we can keep it going.

        And I think if you lot manage to pick up a decent amount of points throughout Jan then you will be in good running to push Chelsea and Utd all the way.

        And I'm hoping Liverpool soon drop off the pace - as I have a feeling City are going to put together a good little run and I don't want to many teams around us doing well.