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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Dec 31, 2009 21:46 Flag

    So Lennon's out injured then!

    Bugger.....and we've got the scousers next. Will this be the time for Mr Bentley? Or is he just plain crap?

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    • thats a right fucker that e's out crocked eh. And that little African shorty at LB.

      That welsh monkey Bale's gotta pull his finger out now aint e? And Bentley?? Well, not even in my vocabulary can i describe this oily heap

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      • Id say go with Modric and krancjar on both wings, great together they really are! BUT in this game i reckon insua's lack of pace could really be cuaght out by dos santos, and giving him this game to shine could be a MASSIVE confidence boost! If he comes into the team against a 'top' team and does well hell think he can dmolish smaller teams and really strive for a place?! Anyway of top of my head i think insuas the left back so with bale and dos santos this could be the option?! Any way i trust redknap to make the right call!

        Spurs 3 - 1 liverpool would love this to show our superioty this season?!

    • I suspect Harry might opt for Modric and Krancjar, not sure that Dos Santos is suited to a wider role. That said I am an admirer of Dos Santos, he has good touch and sees the play around him quickly.

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      • Kranjcar & Modric have a proven ability when playing together for Croatia and even though Lennon will be missed, we will be able to cope until his return.

        Liverpool will be a severe test of character for our squad if we are to aspire to a top four finish, but after watching the Scousers play against Reading - I don't think we will have too much to fear ( even though I am not going to predict the score for this game ).

        Hull City will follow and I think we will score at least 5 goals ( if Crouch & Defoe stay true to form ) even though we could just as well lose the game ( e.g. Stoke or Wolves ).

    • ...I thought he'd done his foot in, but it seems like he picked up a groin injury. And didn't I read that Ekotto has the same and has withdrawn from the ACoN? Both out for a month?

      Good chance for the others to stake a claim. I'd like to see Bale really push for the LB spot and two saints or Bentley start to show what they can do - starting today with a 6-0 drubbing (now there's a word you don't often hear in polite conversation) of the 'port out, starboard home' bunch (why call your team that?)

    • I'm gutted Mr Bread Man.

      I just made some changes to my Fantasy team and have finaly started to drag my team up the table, thanks in no small part to Lennon's contributions of late............and now the daft bugger is crocked!

      Who can i put in the maintain my revival???......Walcot is out half the time, SWP's flatters to decieve. I would put in Bentley but he might not get picked!!

      Sod it..............I'll put my faith in Milner.

      Happy New Year guys. Here's hoping it brings you a top 4 finish................Unless it's at Villa's expense! Then i will cheer you on in the Europa League

    • I think Harry should play Bentely, see what he can do. If he can produce what we know he can with his crossing, and with Crouch up front its always going to be a dangerous outlet for it. Now with Modric back on the left, I see more of our creative play coming from that side until Lennon gets back.

      Liverpool will be a tough game I think, especially at Anfield. they haven't been doing well but will be bolstered by their win at Villa - deserved or not. So we will have to be on our game.

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      • Liverpool will be like a "wounded animal" after what we've done to them over the past couple of seasons, and this is a bad time to lose our most potent weapon, namely Lennon! But what an opportunity for Bentley to step up and show what we, and Blackburn know he is capable of, even if its to put himself in the shop window. Devastated about Aaron though, seems that all the top clubs are losing valuable players at the moment. Do you think we might get a look at DB against the Posh this week?