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  • Born2Suffer, I'm not trying to take credit for anything. Unfortunately, the Milan board or the La Liga boards are not as active as the Premiership boards. So as a fan of football, when I do have the time to get away from the real world, I read articles online that interest me. When I read something that interests me, I usually like to know the opinions of others on the subjects as well. So I usually post my thoughts or comments followed by the article itself, so that the reader gets the context of my questions or comments. It just happens to be my style of posting, as you have yours. I can apologize if that came off as trying to appear "more intelligent" for that was never my intent. What I do know is that I do NOT presume to be condescending enough to tell you or anyone else how to post, or whether or not I will read or judge it unless you write a certain way. I'm not implying you are condescending, or a judgemental fool, but just saying that I would NOT want to appear that way! ;))

    Having said that, I'm not trying to get you or anyone else to like me or my posts; just trying to gather thoughts on articles I personally find interesting. I think we both agree that Yahoo! provides the ignore button for all to use as they see fit. So hopefully, you see this post for what it is (neither an insult, nor an apology) and we continue talking on future threads. Or I will carry on without ever knowing your thoughts on subjects I find interesting and post on any board Yahoo! allows me to post on! :))

    Vito Ceresa

    PS: If I came off as a bit of a pacifist, it's because I am!

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    • While I have no gripe with you Vito, I have to confess I don't particularly like seeing lots of posts of newspaper stories which have little or no relevance to us here on the Spurs board.

      There's a general board for that sort of stuff (I don't use it though, and you may already post there) and to be honest I'd prefer to keep the Spurs board for discussions about Spurs.

      Just my opinion.

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      • Well put KM. As the majority of posters on here are Spurs fans it only makes sense that the vast majority of posts are and should be about them with the odd throw in about other football related matters and the Ar$e of course.

        Vito therefore has two problems, first he posts things that are in the minority i.e. not about Spurs and second, on the whole they are just copies of articles that others have written. He should not therefore be surprised that most of the posters on here are not interested in what he posts.

        By the way, he has still not answered the questions as to why the Spurs board? If he has singled us out we have been very unlucky. If he puts his (or rather other peoples comments) on other boards as well that is very sad.

        As I said before, I do not have a particular problem with him on the basis that I do not bother reading many of his posts knowing that they are irrelevant to what I want to hear/read its just a little bit anoying. Bigger things to worry about!!!