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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Jan 5, 2010 17:45 Flag


    I have just used the ignore button on Vito Ceresa and feel so much better for it. No more will I have to see his plaguirised accounts of useless information on our board. The man is an absolute waste of space.

    I suggest everyone else does the same , though I suspect most already have, but it would be nice to totally blockade his invasion of this board. Perhaps we should also inform the copyright people.

    Only downside is that I will miss Roger tearing in to him in that inimitable style of his.

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    • Rog I had no idea this guy was such a finger puppet (no offence!)

      I thought he was singling our board out but the poor s0ds at manure have had 334 posts from him and we have only had 95. Even the Hammers have had 50!!

      Do you think he is lonely, unemployed and at risk of licking himself to death.

    • Born2Suffer, were/are you a playground bully by any chance? Your mob mentality tells me I shouldn't even bother, but let me try. First, the answer to "How to veto Vito?" is very simple - Yahoo! has provided an ignore button. I'm sure all the posters are aware of the button and its purpose. But let me ask you mate, if you're so disinterested in threads that I post, why not just click the button? Why bother trying to induce others to boycott or bully someone else? Do you realize that this is an unmoderated forum? Which is why Yahoo! have provided an ignore button and also other ways to report offensive posters. Why don't you just use those if you don't like me or my posts instead of trying to induce everyone else to do so. Since this is an unmoderated forum, I will continue to post as I see fit. If folks have problems, they can certainly bring it up and I will address it, but why the unnecessary name-calling and abusive language toward me? Have I ever used abusive or foul language with you mate? Live and let live. Cheers and happy 2010 to you!

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      • VITO, curiosity got the better of me and so I removed you from my ignore list just to see what sort of response I have elicited from you. It is refreshing to see that you can string a sentance or two together, which makes it all the more puzzling as to why you persist with pasting newspaper articles on to OUR board.

        And no, you have not used abusive or foul language against me, but that would be difficult, as I have only ever read copy-cat posts from you.

        If I want to read the opinions of professional journalists I will buy a paper. This board is for ordinary fans to share views about our team and football in general, with the odd bit of banter thrown in where appropriate. It is not, in my view, a vehicle for outsiders to try and appear clever by parroting the words of others.

        Question, do you bombard your own team's board or is it confined to a chosen few who you wish to annoy? Can you not see how pointless it is to use other people's thoughts in lieu of your own? I am not a playground bully. Instead, I am a reasonably intelligent 61 year old football fan who would happily welcome you here as soon as you start to offer your own thoughts on the beautiful game.

        You say you will continue to post as you see fit and that prerogative must apply to me also, you can't have it both ways.

        So I'll make you an offer. Stop the plagurising, start posting your own stuff and I for one will welcome you. Carry on as you are and I will hit the Ignore button again and try to encourage others to do the same........................You decide!!

        Oh! and Happy New Year to you too.

    • The thought of pressing the ignore button is very appealing but so is the temptation to regularly abuse the poor mug and see if we can illicit a rant or two.

      The bloke is obviously very lonely ( I don't know anybody else who sits and reads about football, copies some text, and posts it on other teams boards!) and probably single so I am tempted to keep the ignore button off for a while and see where it goes.

      Hey Vito - did you choose the name Vito becuase you are 4'8"?