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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Jan 6, 2010 18:18 Flag

    Would Bent have scored.....

    John, I've heard of deft headers but eyelashes is stretching it a bit, though your point is well taken. Not sure I agree about Defoe, yes he is selfish (most good strikers are) but his passing and movement is also very good, well certainly better than Bent.

    Don't know about your mutant ninja striker, Greavesy on his own will do for me.

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    • B2s,
      ....Yeah, but just imagine the terror on the defenders faces when HE appears, stitched up at the seams. Gilzean's bald head, Berbatov's vampiric eyes, Lineker's sun tan, Greavsies boots on back to front.. and the name...Grinzeanov The Impaler....pure terror. Greavsie? Sounds like a cuddly toy or an oiled up piece of knightly wear...Lineker? Sounds like a frustrated sailor...Berbatov? Sounds like something you'd throw at a T42..BUT Grinzeanov - I shudder at the mention.....

      Now talking of heading ability - Gilzean used to frequently score just by BATTING his eyelashes at the ball - he never even touched it and it went in....Now those were the days - when they used to play the Orange Ball when it snowed as the pitches were still 5ft deep in snow - but they played. Not like today's wussies (? Is that how it's spelt?) - underpitch draining, heating and gnomes working overtime to make sure the games are played and then what? A micrometer of slush and it's all off. Next we'll get the pools panel in operation....

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      • John you are turning into the Roald Dahl of this board - Grinzeanov indeed.

        Drogba is/was a bit like Bent in that he also had his fair share of "fluke" goals but there is a huge difference between them as players and therefore how many goals they shoud score each year. Drogba would put a couple of defenders and his own players in the net with the ball if it meant scoring whereas Bent would ask permission first.

        Nostalgia is a wonderful thing isn't it. We all seem to remember players like Gilzean alweays playing like the Midas of the football World where as in reality he had his off days like everybody else. Its just that we only remember the good bits - and quite rightly too. Ralph Coates was a 6'2" blonde headed God in my memory!!!!!