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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 5, 2010 22:14 Flag

    Would Bent have scored.....

    as many goals this season had he stayed at WHL? and had the games of course.

    Personally I think the majority of his goals have had their fair share of luck (beach ballgate being the classic). I know many will say "he has to be in the right place" and all that but he seems to scuff them or they hit his backside and go in whereas when you look at other top goalscoreres like our own Defoe, he whacks them in deliberately.

    Nothing against Bent - he seems like a nice bloke and tries very hard - but the luck can't last forever can it? Suddenly 16.5 mill doesn't look so far fetched tho does it????

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    • No.

      And that's all I have to say on the matter.


    • Won't be far fetched when he cracks the 20 mark, Sfer---it's on the cards.

    • Happy New Year to all

      He would have had more.....as Lennon has now started delivering. But even if he scored 30, I still wouldn't have liked his style (as I don't like Daffy's).

      Remember when Dogba first arrived on the scene at Chavski? The ball bounced off his shins, elbow, kneecap, eyelashes...anywhere apart from his feet - but he still scored goals. That was because he was in the right place at the right time. That's what goalscorers do - have a knack of being in the right place. (Unless your Daffy, then you score goals by having as many shots as humanly possible and work off the law of averages - monkeys,typewriters and the complete works of Jacques Pierre etc)

      Give me cross between Greaves/Lineker/Gilzean and Berbatov - I think I'll call him Grinzeanov The Impaler....he's mine I tell you, all mine....ha ha ha ha ha (in a pantomime 'baddy' voice). I register the copyright here and now.

    • ...Ian Crook...had to look it up though as my memory fades with each pint of Harvey's consumed (not the sherry)....

    • ...or was it Richard Cooke?

      I'll google it as I remember the two playing on either flank in the UEFA games in the 80's...not that it's relevant to owt...

    • John, your knowledge of Spurs legends is very good, especially considering you had only just finished sucking your mum's nipples when Gilzean played at Spurs. One of my favourite players and similar to Berba except he was a much better header of the ball, even though he was pissed most of the time.

      As for Ralph Coates, I seem to remember we got him from Burnley. I played with him after his pro career finished and he helped coach our team. Nice bloke and a proper gentleman, unlike Chivers who was a bit full of himself. As for Coates' hairstyle, he got the idea from Bobby Charlton.

    • P.S......twas Ian.

    • Ah, B2s, you are fooled by my 'internet' age. Here in virtual space I can be Peter Pan...... I can be Grinzeanov - I can live out my dreams (oops, better not)....

      How come all you lot out there seem to have either played with or know the Spurs legends? Did I join the wrong forum?
      The closest I got to a legend was when Ron Chopper 'Arris watched a bunch of us play in a local park in Brighton against his son (or at least, that's what someone told me) ... and that was badly worded - it wasn't all of us against his son obviously....

    • B2s,
      I'm not sure - maybe it was Richard after all - the reason is (unless my memory is really naff) - I saw the UEFA game in 83 at WHL when we beat Bayern - and I thought Ally came on and ripped 'em apart and that Richard was already playing on the other side.
      But that was a few years back and Cooke/Crook all sound the same to me....all I know is that I saw Cooke/Crook & Dick (now there's a name for a firm of solicitors or estate agents) and they seemed to be the Lennon's of their day, and then they vanished (although I recall Crook at Norwich, so I don't think it was him)

    • I am almost certain that we had an Ian Crook playing for us, don't remember a Richard.

      Could be wrong....come on, help us out all you "mature" spurs fans.

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