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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 8, 2010 06:03 Flag

    Transfer Window

    Even the usually rabid press seem somewhat subdued this winter transfer window...what's going on...I know there's a Deep Freeze in the UK, but...no rumours? OK, slight exaggeration, but even the Viera deal really didn't get specualted about until it was practically done (not saying I give a monkeys but...you know, just saying).

    What do you think of the recently rumoured Keane-Carew swop?

    If I'm missing anything, let me know, you are all my eyes and ears.

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    • Robbie Keane won't go anywhere, he's still a good player even though he has'nt played so well since coming back to WHL.

      I see Ashley Cole could be up for grabs in the summer, with Spurs being one of the teams interested in his services. But that depends upon if Chelski are willing to pay him £120,000 p/w, and if he can't get that, then he says he's off. But with him demanding that amount, there's little chance of him coming to Spurs, i think it's safe to say spurs won't cough up that amount for a player of his stature. He's a good player, but has spent most of his time at Chelski on the bench injured, & i can't see even them paying that much for a crock. Man City have the money & are dumb enough to pay what he wants so he will probably end up there.

      I want to see big name defenders to replace the crocks we have at present. King, a legend at the lane, but it's time he either retired or went to a lower league to play. Woodgate the same. Good player, but we need regular appearances to justify keeping him. He started the first season well and got some crucia goals.

      With a replacement goalkeeper, and a good central midfield, we could see top four at the end of the season.


    • Not sure about the Keane-Carew swap Rambr0 - why swap one sub for another? Doesn't make sense. Unless O'Neill wants to replace Heskey who's rumoured to be off to get 1st footie to protect his place in the World Cup squad.

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      • Kentish, it sounds to me that someone wants to be done with our man Keane (whispers, "Harry Redknapp")...because you're right, why make such a swap; although I'd say 'Arry's made his statement by making the guy he had to offer the captaincy to, to persuade him back, a substitute!

        Besides, I wouldn't really want to have us play against him...eventhough he's not shown it much lately, he's still a dangerous player, and who knows, a move to the likes of Villa may re-ignite his seemingly lost passion for the game.

    • its ok for u californians soaking up the sun!

      yeh i expected more transfer activity but i guess it will hot up later.

      id rather keep keane if im honest.

      i hope we get rid of pav & bentley.
      then buy a CM + striker.