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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jan 9, 2010 00:27 Flag

    Transfer Window

    Think you're right Rambr0. Though why bring him back in the first place? Doesn't make sense if he's not going to be played. Just also read that Carew has no intention of leaving Villa so don't expect that move will happen.

    The way I see it our 4 strikers are in the same situation as a couple of years ago but this time Daffy's 1st choice with Crouch - remember Daffy went because he wasn't getting enough first team games as Berbasulk and Keane were the 2 favoured strikers. Pavy's in the same boat and looks likely to be off - which I think is a shame as he really hasn't fulfilled his potential. Hate to say it but we should have made more of an effort to get Arshavin - he and Modric in the midfield would have been a blinding combination.

    But you're right about Keane moving and rediscovering his scoring touch - doesn't that always happen when our players leave us? Bent is still knocking them in, Daffy did at Pompey though continues to do so now he's back, and even Fraizer Campbell is doing OK at Sunderland. It'd be just our luck Bentley and Jenas will go and then knock in around 10 goals each over the rest of the season.

    What is it about great players coming to the Lane and then proving to be flops? On the other hand, Berbasulk isn't having such a great time of it at Manure so there is some justice - and we're £30m richer for it :-))

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    • We all know keane was only bout back for his attitude and his knowledge of the team and league to help use out in the relagation fight! His purpose is done, but, how detremental could selling him be?

      1) Obviously losing a player who has a good scoring record for the club

      2) Possibly another team in the league gaining a player with a good scoring record

      3) Replacements? is there any? Would we buy someone for a similar price of better quality? Could we afford more and could we get that someone in?

      4) Would it disturb any other players? Footballers are people, although supposed proffesionals, if they are unsettled maybe even slightly, would one of their 'mates' leaving worsen there moral? i think maybe!

      Probably more reasons aswell! there are reasons to sell him, im not gunna right anymore as i doubt many have read the late-night-post-night-shift-ramblings-of a 20 year old this far.....But i feel the negatives of a move outway the positives!

      I would suggets sell Bentley, cant see him being anything other than a distraction! Sell pavy for same reason! Id then sell Modric... NOOOO of course im kidding!!! haha

      Buying time and i honestly cant see a player who i reckonw ed get for a fair price and someone we need! But we do need another CM to cover for Wilson, give him a bit of competition! No need for striker, we got modric who could play of defoe, we got gio who could fill in also, more then enough options imo!

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      • Nick,

        I'm glad you were only joking about selling Modric. I could imagine you being hung a-la Sol 'Judas' Campbell effigy style from the nearest lamp-post for merely suggesting it.

        As for transfers I am of the opinion that we have a very strong squad as it is at the moment and any additional signings will have to fit it with the current squad if they can be ousted from there respective positions.

        I understand that a backup to GK to H.Gomes is on trial at the club at the moment and HR is impressed with his attitude and with Cudicini out for an indefinate period we need a backup GK in the event of Gomes getting injured.

        Other then that we do not need to sign anyone else ( its just my opinion of course ).