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  • Just saw a report that Liverpool have asked to postpone the game. 'Arry said 'It must be bad up there then, but we want to play'. Gonna be miffed if the game doesn't go ahead, I turned down a day's piking to watch it in the warn on telly!

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    • Great news no Gerrad no Torres and no Benayoun. We should be in a strong position to get 3 points....There for the taking....


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      • Great news indeed Calgary. Let's hope we can capitalise on it (and not pick up any injuries of our own on Sat v Hull!). We did it on opening day of the season (I was there) so there's no reason we can't do it again, even at Anfield.

        BTW A colleague went to the match last night - he said even Benayoun wasn't as good as he usually is and the team as a whole were poor.

      • Just heard this myself Calgary - good news for us. Hopefully we'll arrive at Anfield full of fight and put in a convincing performance as, even though they are without key players and are not playing well, they could be a potential banana skin.

        I'd love to see a win at Liverpool, and I don't think its beyond us by any means, but we will have to be focused.

    • Couldn't agree more B2S. If we agree to play and they don't want to it should be 3 points to us.

    • Agreed Kurt, summed up more comprehensively than me.

      And yes, if Rafa's boys were bang in form and we weren't, you could bet your arse the game would be on.

      Like you say, it never happened in my day.

      I just hope the significance of this doesn't come in to play at the end of the season. I still remember Lasagnagate.

    • Got to agree with a couple of the others that it's just a little convenient to cancel the game. I'm not saying it hasn't been done for the best intentions i.e. fan safety, but it suits Liverpool very nicely;

      1. A few of their top players struggling with knocks (but we've got a couple of our best players this season out and we wanted to play)
      2. A midweek game coming up
      3. Transfer window now open - a chance to rejig the squad and try to turn their form around

      All of a sudden fan safety has become a very good reason for teams to look at cancelling matches they don't fancy playing just at this moment. Would they have been so quick to cancel if they were facing a team struggling at the bottom of the league? The pitch is fine for the game to go ahead and I'm sure everybody in Liverpool has been getting around and going to work still. Yes it's the worst winter in years but when I was younger I never remember games getting cancelled due to the weather except for the effect on the playing surface or if the teams couldn't even get there.

      In the case of this game it was scheduled for live television broadcast so any fans with tickets for the game who didn't fancy the trip could have stayed home and watched the match anyway. It's not like they HAD to travel to be able to see this game. People have brains and could chose for themselves whether to travel to the ground or sit at home in the warmth.

      Personally I'm gutted. First week back at work and I was looking forward to being able to enjoy the weekend off (I had to start back early last weekend) and watch my beloved Spurs on the box.

    • Frozen Pitch, I can accept.

      But the major routes appear to be reasonably clear.

      And roads/footpaths leading to the stadium.........For christ sake, man has been walking this earth for thousands of years. It is just this nonsensical, namby pamby, health & safety crap that is bringing this country to it's knees.

      If Liverpool want to call it off we should have the points, after all Harry is willing to travel up and yet the scousers want to stay indoors and play their Wii games. Bet they're knocked off as well.

      I tell you, I despair!!!!

    • I'll be pissed too...but I didn't turn anything down except maybe a couple of hours extra kip (5 hours behind you lot remember)...don't know how those west of me manage (you know who you are)

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      • Hey guys,

        I have mentioned this already on my "potential fixture chaos" thread posted earlier this week.

        I am a little bit pi$$ed off because if we would have played them ( it has been confirmed that the game has now been called off because of safety concerns ) we would have been the form team going into the game and I could see us getting at the very least a point if not all three.

        Question is when will the game be played, with the Scousers euro commitments, it may not be until the end of the season.

        It is so damn frustrating having this happen while we are playing so well - huh! poxy fooking Winter weather!