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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 8, 2010 23:52 Flag

    Liverpool v Spurs

    I'll be pissed too...but I didn't turn anything down except maybe a couple of hours extra kip (5 hours behind you lot remember)...don't know how those west of me manage (you know who you are)

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    • Hey guys,

      I have mentioned this already on my "potential fixture chaos" thread posted earlier this week.

      I am a little bit pi$$ed off because if we would have played them ( it has been confirmed that the game has now been called off because of safety concerns ) we would have been the form team going into the game and I could see us getting at the very least a point if not all three.

      Question is when will the game be played, with the Scousers euro commitments, it may not be until the end of the season.

      It is so damn frustrating having this happen while we are playing so well - huh! poxy fooking Winter weather!

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      • I'm gonna look on the bright side...extra time for Lennon to get himself back to fitness...and others to get over their knocks (hope they don't go out on the lash now that the day's been freed up)

      • Hey Galway,

        Forget about the weather... It's a Fix Up!
        Why couldn't they wait until tomorrow to see what overnight improvement there'll be?

        Simply put, they're running scared!
        We know the Reds are no where in top form (draw against Reading?), and along comes a drop of snow, and then... GAME'S OFF!

        Lucky SUDs!

        Bet when they start doing well, the match will then be played.
        Hope it wouldn't be the period we have Arse, ManU and Chelvski in succession?