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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jan 15, 2010 02:09 Flag

    Liverpool v Spurs

    Great news indeed Calgary. Let's hope we can capitalise on it (and not pick up any injuries of our own on Sat v Hull!). We did it on opening day of the season (I was there) so there's no reason we can't do it again, even at Anfield.

    BTW A colleague went to the match last night - he said even Benayoun wasn't as good as he usually is and the team as a whole were poor.

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    • this will definitly be our best chance of winning at anfield for yrs.

      but lets make sure we beat hull 1st who are fighting for every pt.

      liverpool i still think will be close game. i cant see us losing but i can see them getting a draw. but aslong as we dont be casual & waste chances we should win.

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      • Must admit I was extremely annoyed last night when I knew the Liverpool game was going ahead. Conditions were no better yesterday than they were on Sunday and with it being an evening game as well it meant that conditions could conceivably have been worse than they ever would have been Sunday. I think the Premier League should provide some answers to justify why so many games were allowed to be cancelled.

        Having said all that though I believe what happened last night is just deserts and some justice what ever happens next Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see Liverpool do well than any of the other [for now anyway] big 4 but when it's at the expense of my beloved Spurs they can rot! Let's hope the lads can do us proud next week. If I was Harry I'd give them a pre-match team talk about how Liverpool tried to rob us by postponing the match and how we need to make them pay for it big time.