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  • Taff Taff Jan 11, 2010 22:05 Flag

    rant about the postponed games!

    What happened years ago when freezing conditions were­ around - if the pitch was playable then the game goes­ ahead! Its the PC brigade out in force telling us what­ to do again. Risk Assessments/H&S executives are­ what making this country @#$%! Whats the point in­ undersoil heating anymore if they are gonna call it off­ because of abit of ice on the pavements - are they­ gonna shut all the shops up and down the country­ cause of a bit of ice on pavements? This country is @#$%!

    Anyway COYS!

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    • I'm not sure whether it's a PC thing or this crass American 'Injury Lawyers For You' thing that we have yet again imported. Everyone is scared of being sued. I even heard that clearing snow from outside your house could leave you liable as if you didn't clear the snow thoroughly and someone slipped, they could sue you.
      The problem with anything insiduous like this, is it slowly embeds itself in your culture and by the time you realise it's there, it's too late to stop it.
      The world is going mad I tell you. People who would rather text than speak, rather speak than see face to face, who play isolationist games rather than socialise and interact with real human beings. Who belong to forums rather than social clubs...oops, hoist by my own Jean-Luc Picard

    • Taff, it's what we've all been saying on the Liverpool V Spurs thread already. Doesn't negate what you're saying here though.