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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Jan 12, 2010 02:30 Flag

    rant about the postponed games!

    I remember seeing games where they just cleared the snow off the lines and used an orange ball! Players used to change their studs or play in trainers. Seeing them try to keep their footing and the ball just added to the excitement somehow. We used to manage to get to those games by hook or by crook and stand on frozen terraces...and the steps out of the Paxton Road end to the street were lethal! Didn't stop us though. Still that was in the days before bread and dripping was bad for you...!

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    • I remember attending a game that we played at The City Ground Nottingham in the 80's an FA Cup 5th Round match on the 19th of February 1996 and the match ended up being abandoned just after kick off.

      What is all the more annoying it took us about an hour & a half to get to Nottingham from London Kings X in time for the match only to find out the f'ing match was gonna be abandoned and we had a 55 minute wait to get a train back to Kings X.

      I never made it back up for the rescheduled game.