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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 13, 2010 05:04 Flag

    Your FAVOURITE Gooner is BACK!

    No not me you fools!

    Sol Campbell!

    Warmest wishes


    (hated by all the right people).

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    • He's only gone south because he can't cope with the Northumberland wind off the sea freezing his b-llocks off. In the summer he's back up here playing for the Magpies after they've gone up before they go down again.

    • Another example of clubs controlling the EPL instead of the other way round.

    • So I hear - although this time I'm not overly fussed about it to be honest. Bit of a drop in the ocean after last time.

      Do you think he is still capable of doing a job for you though Fab? I know he is still fairly solid - but if you were stretched at the back and had to put him in against, say, Man U or Chelski - would you be confident with him? I don't think I would be, were the roles reversed. He did pretty well at Pompey, but was certainly beginning to flag towards the end of his time there. And with the debacle at County - I'm not sure his head will be right.

      ...if it ever was ;)

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      • Come come now Lee i know you lot harbour serious greivances with Sol and i dont blame you one bit but he was a fantastic defender for both Spurs and Arsenal.

        Fair play he has indeed done some strange things in his life and only time will tell if he is more level headed these days.

        Lets face it the only Physically fit back up to our CB pairing is Silvestre and i think most Arsenal fans would rather Sol.

        Adams and Keown and Bould i believe managed to play a role for us in their latter years so ( as a Gooner) here's hoping Sol can do the same.