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  • MEL MEL Jan 21, 2010 10:59 Flag

    another poor performance. writing was on the wall.

    I think we wasted a substitute tonight why the hell drop Bassong just to accomadate King, we have have been playing extremley well with Dawson and Bassong and i really thought tonight it affected Dawsons natural game. Harry seems to be making silly mistakes and again before the game it was there for the taking, i dont think we will ever have a better time than tonight to beat Liverpool. Even though they had more chances than us if you were a Liverpool fan you could not have been impressed with them and my beloved Spurs never seem to amaze me.
    Modric was poor tonight he was not on his own though there were plenty of others hiding again, when are our forwards going to start putting them away again, personally i would give Pav a run out it might kick messers Defoe,Crouch and Keane a bloody good kick up the arse.