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  • Jlock Jlock Jan 26, 2010 20:10 Flag

    Todays Prediction - Lillywhites v Leeds

    But the problem is you can't play 'hypotheticals'. I could come up with the scenarion that beckford got the ball, back heeled it and a Leeds player then smashed it into the net... I could have another scenario where Daws shepherds Beckford and the beckford plays the ball off daws and gets a corner that Leeds score from..etc you could go on forever.

    AND in some of those scenarios, it all comes to nothing and a goal isn't scored - totally agree - but you can never say what would have happened had Daws not made the challenge.

    All we know is what happened - Daws (IMHO) made a decent challenge for the ball that was given as a penalty. IMHO I don't think it was a penalty - so really we're all arguing over that - as if it was a decent challenge (as I believe) - then what was wrong with that? What did Daws actually do wrong? Daws didn't give the penalty, the ref did. Did you think it was a penalty? If not, then Daws was 100% right to make the challenge.

    I'd just say again that for me, I'd rather see a CB make those sorts of challenges, than run the risk of 'playing safe' and not dealing with the danger.