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    Todays Prediction - Lillywhites v Leeds


    Lillywhites 3 Leeds 1..

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    • HI Galway, not travelling today?
      I wish I had your confidence, judging by our results at home to lower teams, I'll be on my knees praying.
      Not really "of little faith" just a realist. You never know which team will run out onto the pitch.

    • I think the reason we didn't get the Defoe penalty is simple B2S. The ref had already given us one chance and he was not man enough to award a second.

      And on the point of penalties - I think defoe has missed enough. His skill is in taking spur of the moment opportunities and penalties are not his forte as he has too much time to think about it. On the park at that time the only one I would have trusted is Kranjcar but obviously he did not want it or the others did not trust him with it. Either way, who takes the next one should be thought about long and hard as we cannot afford to keep wasting them like we are doing.

    • its very clear dawson made a mistake & an error with his risky late challenge. read what other people have said rather than just directed it at me.
      even the pundits & commentators said it was a needless risk.
      & some of them played for premiership teams, who did u play for?

      also jimmy even harry said it was a pen.

      me personally i thought it was 50/50 & could have gone either way but us being spurs u know its going to go against us!

      just watching arsenal , stoke have clear pen turned down & then arsenal score a double deflection for a free kick they got that was never a free kick!

    • Ill-judged or not, in my opinion it was FAIR, therefore we were unlucky.

    • My point was to SB Jabba that there are times that a "sliding" tackle is the only way that you are going to reach the ball before a shot/pass is made. Do you disagree with this?
      In this case I think you are wrong to suggest that Dawson had the option of "marshalling" him because had he had that choice I would like to think that he would have taken it.

      Believe me, I wish he had that choice and not therefore given a penalty away but he didn't plus he made contact with the ball. You say it was reckless and needless BUT if he had not made the tackle and Beckford had shot and scored. I am sure you would have been (like ma nd lots of others) saying why did he not try and make the tackle.

      It is a matter of opinion whether or not Beckford would or would not have been able to take a shot. Personally I think he would have got a shot in and on that basis I think he was right to go for the tackle.

      I am sure you were a great defender Jabba (although I am not sure holding a Ref's badge is relevant here) and if you were you probably made tackles that gave away penalties. I know I did. You make the decsiion at the time and have to live with it.

    • Story of our lives I think Shelf-Boy - snatching defeat (or a draw) from the jaws of victory!

      Oh the joys of being a Spurs fan.

    • I thought long and hard about whether to respond to this SB. Part of me said don't bother and the other part said I had to put you right or at least try.

      "u got to realise that some people on here can never admit players like dawson made a bad decision & a mistake"

      What the Hell is that about!! I don't know of anybody on here that is not prepared to say they got it wrong or that any player had made a mistake. Dawson is sometimes too quick to jump in but on the other hand he is also the most likely defender that we have to make that last ditch block and save a potential goal.

      "but now hes made a big mistake they cant accept it." Grow up!! Just because you have taken a bit of stick on here lately because of your obsession with Corluka doesn't mean you have to revert to type and start getting bitchy.

      "any pro defender will tell u the safest & correct option was to shephard him away from goal" FGS how many pro defenders do you know!! What a load of b0llox. Of course if they had a choice they would shepherd him out BUT thats if they think they have a choice. Dawson didn't think that and I agree with him. Every defender at some point is going to be in the same situation and have to make that choice. Some will make the tackle and some won't. Some will let a goal in as a result and some will give penalties away. The only thing I know for sure is that any PL manager will want to trust his defenders to make the call as they see it at at the time. They will definately not want the defender to choose not to try and make the tackle and end up giving a goal away.

      The call as to whether it was a penalty or not was probably around 50/50. It could easily have not been given and if that had been th ecase you would have been one of the first on here to say how good dawson was and that he had made the right decision.

      I have read your posts on here a lot and some are reasonable but this one is pathetic. The majority of spurs fans like Dawson but this is just about one decision. get over it - and yourself!

    • Cheers Sfer and John Locke for backing up my assessment, I was beginning to think I was outnumbered on this one.

      As we have all said, it's easy to criticise from the armchair after you know the outcome.

      Nobody is criticising the crucial (and brilliant) challenge Dawson made minutes earlier, when if he hadn't "dived in" it almost certainly would have led to a goal.

      I wonder how many goals are prevented by timely intervention against those scored due to not taking the initiative and allowing the player his chance.

      Can't have it both ways.

    • Bit late I know, but would just like to add my frustration at yesterday's late equaliser in the err, the 96th!! minute. I agree that Daws made contact with Beckford but he also made contact with the ball. The most telling sign was the direction the ball went after the tackle - this made it very clear that Daws did indeed play the ball and if the referee didn't see 'foot to ball' then he should have used the direction of the ball as his reference!

      So OK, we got done by a late penalty, but what annoyed me most of all was the naivety of the Spurs forwards. 2-1 up with minutes left to play and they are looking for a third! There were three separate occasions when they had the chance to take the ball into the corner flag and wind the clock down. Negative I know but who cares - any old experienced pro would do this and it certainly would have avoided that late equaliser.

    • Sfer, why don't we all just gang up on gunnersbury, beat him up verbally & go and get pissed for a bit of team bonding!!
      Jimmy (age 49, going on 14)

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