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    Todays Prediction - Lillywhites v Leeds


    Lillywhites 3 Leeds 1..

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    • Some of us have tried that Jimmy - well the beating up verbally bit anyway. It seems that this particular gunner has skin thicker than Dawn French's waistline.

      As I have been "dry" for the whole of January the thought of getting pissed is very appealing at the mo.

      Especially after that win last night!!

    • Sfer, why don't we all just gang up on gunnersbury, beat him up verbally & go and get pissed for a bit of team bonding!!
      Jimmy (age 49, going on 14)

    • This is one of those situations Jimmy where there is no right or wrong.

      Should he have made the tackle? Maybe yes maybe no. Yes if you knew the ref WAS NOT going to give a penalty (which of course no one knew) and No if you knew that either the ref WAS going to give the penalty or if you knew that Beckford would not have scored.

      There are too many people on here that are using hindsight to justify thier opinions but as I said - you pays yer moeny yer takes yer choice!!! No right and no wrong. At least thats the way I see it although others seem to think that if you disagree with them in thinking Dawson made a huge mistake then you are "brainless" So much for fans sticking together eh!

    • For what it's worth, personally I think SB is right in that Dawson took the 'wrong'/risky option, but the truth is he executed it brilliantly - it was a superb tackle in my book - and did not deserve to be punished. So he's right as well. Which leaves me confused.

    • SB,
      Did you think it was a penalty then?
      If not, I repeat, Daws did nothing wrong - and if he did nothing wrong, then it's not reckless.

    • I thought long and hard about whether to respond to this SB. Part of me said don't bother and the other part said I had to put you right or at least try.

      "u got to realise that some people on here can never admit players like dawson made a bad decision & a mistake"

      What the Hell is that about!! I don't know of anybody on here that is not prepared to say they got it wrong or that any player had made a mistake. Dawson is sometimes too quick to jump in but on the other hand he is also the most likely defender that we have to make that last ditch block and save a potential goal.

      "but now hes made a big mistake they cant accept it." Grow up!! Just because you have taken a bit of stick on here lately because of your obsession with Corluka doesn't mean you have to revert to type and start getting bitchy.

      "any pro defender will tell u the safest & correct option was to shephard him away from goal" FGS how many pro defenders do you know!! What a load of b0llox. Of course if they had a choice they would shepherd him out BUT thats if they think they have a choice. Dawson didn't think that and I agree with him. Every defender at some point is going to be in the same situation and have to make that choice. Some will make the tackle and some won't. Some will let a goal in as a result and some will give penalties away. The only thing I know for sure is that any PL manager will want to trust his defenders to make the call as they see it at at the time. They will definately not want the defender to choose not to try and make the tackle and end up giving a goal away.

      The call as to whether it was a penalty or not was probably around 50/50. It could easily have not been given and if that had been th ecase you would have been one of the first on here to say how good dawson was and that he had made the right decision.

      I have read your posts on here a lot and some are reasonable but this one is pathetic. The majority of spurs fans like Dawson but this is just about one decision. get over it - and yourself!

    • jabba, u got to realise that some people on here can never admit players like dawson made a bad decision & a mistake.

      if that was king they would be saying its because he misses so many games & he is a liability etc. but just a few wks ago they were all praising dawson & rightly so. but now hes made a big mistake they cant accept it.

      they even try & make it about hutton. yes hutton was caught out of position which is a mistake but that doesnt mean the covering player is ok to foul & give away a pen.

      i can't belive how biased towards dawson some of u are being.

      i love dawson, 1 of my fave spurs players & he is developing into a future england CB.

      but he is still young & developing. he still dives in too much & lacks composure.

      can u remember woodgate or king diving in needlesly in that situation & giving away a last min pen?

      i cant!

      king & woodgate have much more composure.

      the fact is neutrals/pundits see it as a reckless challenge from dawson that wasnt needed. its just a few spurs fans who think dawson did the right thing.

      if u really think dawson did the right thing then be prepared for us to give plenty of pens away.

      soon as a attacker has the ball in our box, according to your theory he has to go to ground & dive in or else the player might shoot & score, or cross it in & they score or score from a corner.

      any pro defender will tell u the safest & correct option was to shephard him away from goal.
      u got to go with percentages when its the last kick of the game.
      shephard him away from goal= small chance of it leading it to a goal.
      slide tackle & dive in inside the box= 50/50 chance of giving away a pen.

      if u want to defend dawson even when the proof (them getting a pen) is that he made a big needless mistake then thats up to u.

      hoprefully he will learn about it.

      also u say its a ref mistake & the refs are making so many bad decisions against us.

      if refs are making lots of bad decisions, dont u think its even more wiser not to slide & dive in inside the box?

      u can have it both way.

    • Jabba,
      But the problem is you can't play 'hypotheticals'. I could come up with the scenarion that beckford got the ball, back heeled it and a Leeds player then smashed it into the net... I could have another scenario where Daws shepherds Beckford and the beckford plays the ball off daws and gets a corner that Leeds score from..etc you could go on forever.

      AND in some of those scenarios, it all comes to nothing and a goal isn't scored - totally agree - but you can never say what would have happened had Daws not made the challenge.

      All we know is what happened - Daws (IMHO) made a decent challenge for the ball that was given as a penalty. IMHO I don't think it was a penalty - so really we're all arguing over that - as if it was a decent challenge (as I believe) - then what was wrong with that? What did Daws actually do wrong? Daws didn't give the penalty, the ref did. Did you think it was a penalty? If not, then Daws was 100% right to make the challenge.

      I'd just say again that for me, I'd rather see a CB make those sorts of challenges, than run the risk of 'playing safe' and not dealing with the danger.

    • Steady on Jabba. I don't think B2S was having a go on a personal basis. He was just expressing his opinion and I don't see any personal attacks on you as such. On the other hand saying that B2S has no brains is a bit strong IMO.

      He is entitled to his opinion the same as you are yours and I respect yours even though I disagree with it. i.e. you think Dawson was able to have attempted to marshall Beckford towards the byeline and I don't which is why he had to attempt the sliding tackle - so what! it makes no difference in the end and its certainly not worth starting a feud with a fellow Yid over is it??

    • have you even read and fully understood my posts b2s?

      i wasn't advocating that daws stand off from him and let him make a run towards goal, i haven't said that daws was a prat either have i? not at all, i was stating that imo he should've marshalled him in the direction he was already taking(watch the clip again and you'll see quite clearly that he was starting a run for the byline, not towards goal), i agree totally about ah, where was he?

      there were several mistakes made in that time, not least the fact that we were unable to retain possession and run the clock down.

      the match should've been wrapped up and won long before the added time, we had the chances to kill the game off, defoes penalty miss etc etc etc. but it wasn't, again i ask the question, where did the extra 6mins come from?

      all i'm saying here, is that imo, daws had a choice to either marshall him, or make a tackle from behind, as sfer has already said, again i reiterate, imo daws unfortunately made the wrong decision by making the tackle, that's all, nothing more nothing less.

      so before you get on your high horse b2s, read and try to fully understand my post, before you start making smart arse comments, learn to be objective, not merely to have tunnel vision, also try to learn that others also have an opinion, and see things differently, that doesn't always agree with the way you see it, after all this is a forum to post your opinions on for open discussion, or is it? cos quite clearly you have neither the brain or the ability to do that!

      for me daws has all the makings of a top class cb, captain as well, and i hope that he forges a strong partnership with bassong that will last a good few years for this club.

      i've also stated in another post that with wiley as ref we're up against it anyway.

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