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    Todays Prediction - Lillywhites v Leeds


    Lillywhites 3 Leeds 1..

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    • HI Galway, not travelling today?
      I wish I had your confidence, judging by our results at home to lower teams, I'll be on my knees praying.
      Not really "of little faith" just a realist. You never know which team will run out onto the pitch.

    • I do think he should have stayed on his feet, yes, but tackling is obviously integral to football and referees mistakes like today are ruining it. Truth is, it was a great tackle and dealt with the danger, only for the ref to $%^& up!

    • Yes SB, I realise he could have blocked/jockeyed/rolled a fag etc. but as I said in the split second you have, you make your decision. He knew Beckford is a tricky, quick player and he reckoned he could make the tackle and he did as far as I'm concerned, but not according to the ref. On another day, delaying might have let Beckford in.

      Just think about a few moments before the pen when Dawson made an absolutely suberb last ditch tackle to deny a goal scoring chance and if he had delayed that one he might have been taking flak for indecision.

      As I said, it's easy to watch the replays and criticise. I used to play centre half and it's a position that does not allow time to ponder. What position did you play?

    • its very clear dawson made a mistake & an error with his risky late challenge. read what other people have said rather than just directed it at me.
      even the pundits & commentators said it was a needless risk.
      & some of them played for premiership teams, who did u play for?

      also jimmy even harry said it was a pen.

      me personally i thought it was 50/50 & could have gone either way but us being spurs u know its going to go against us!

      just watching arsenal , stoke have clear pen turned down & then arsenal score a double deflection for a free kick they got that was never a free kick!

    • Sorry SB, but the mistake was the ref's as Dawson clearly got a touch. I hear what you say about the risk, but most situations in the area have an element of risk. Andy Townsend gave it, but only because Dawson "didn't get enough of the ball". The rules do not stipulate how much of a touch you should get, only that a genuine attempt is made for the ball and Dawson's touch proves that he did. Townsend also failed to mention the very similar (and probably more clear cut) challenge on Daffy in the first half which failed to ellicit a penalty

      Anyway,Harry did not say it was a pen, he said he accepted the ref's decision and that's clearly a different thing altogether.

      Who I played for is irrelevent, at least I played the game and as such, I am able to recognise how difficult it is to make correct split second decisions everytime, more so when the game is at the highest levels. So I believe I'm slightly more qualified than any armchair critic armed with the benefit of TV. In any event, where was Hutton because he should have been the man involved with Dawson tight behind to provide cover.

      Anyway Spursbabe I am not really having a go at you, but frustrated at the growing number of bad decisions, especially against Spurs just Lately. I mean, it's not as though we are dirty team, not by any stretch.

    • i understand. i too think we are getting a really bad run of decisions. i just think the bigger the team the more decisions that go there way. thats why man utd get so many.

      i just feel that the ref gets 1 look at it in normal speed.
      & the dawson challenge would be so hard to say 100% either way for a ref whether it was a pen or not.

      your also right we should have had another pen & their pen was 50/50 but should we be relying on refs decisions when we are playing a championship team at home(i know there still in league 1).

      lets hope we up our game & beat them in the replay.

    • I agree, B2S. Even before I saw a replay I thought it was another timely tackle by Daws, something he is so good at. I saw nothing in the replays to suggest it was anything other, but it's the way it has been running for us this season. Leeds are a good side and would have proved a handfull for most top teams, and I think Beckford will be much sought-after by some big clubs in the near future. But, I did think our class showed at times and with a bit more luck (and a decent penalty taker) we could have won comfortably. I am not too fearful for the replay.

    • In that case then the FA (or FIFA/UEFA) should bring in video technology for doubtful penalty calls - similar to what they have in rugby and cricket. If those 2 sports can cope (and accept the decisions as they do without question!) then there's no reason football can't do the same.

      I'm hoping that 'Arry will change the team for the replay at Elland Road - please NOT Jenas and maybe Pavy from the start instead of Crouch. If Lennon isn't fit then maybe a combination of Hutton at RM and Corluka at RB could work? Just my opinion of course ;-)

    • Bit late I know, but would just like to add my frustration at yesterday's late equaliser in the err, the 96th!! minute. I agree that Daws made contact with Beckford but he also made contact with the ball. The most telling sign was the direction the ball went after the tackle - this made it very clear that Daws did indeed play the ball and if the referee didn't see 'foot to ball' then he should have used the direction of the ball as his reference!

      So OK, we got done by a late penalty, but what annoyed me most of all was the naivety of the Spurs forwards. 2-1 up with minutes left to play and they are looking for a third! There were three separate occasions when they had the chance to take the ball into the corner flag and wind the clock down. Negative I know but who cares - any old experienced pro would do this and it certainly would have avoided that late equaliser.

    • Story of our lives I think Shelf-Boy - snatching defeat (or a draw) from the jaws of victory!

      Oh the joys of being a Spurs fan.

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