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  • Layla Layla Jan 24, 2010 05:09 Flag

    leeds game

    well another disapointing performance & result.

    as u guys think im a negative person il start with the negatives

    dawson is a good player who i hope will be the heart of our team for the nxt 5+ yrs.
    BUT he needs to learn composure & how to use his head.
    a lot of u think hes better than king & woodgate but would king or woodgate ever do a stupid needless risky challenge like that in the last min?the answer is they wouldnt. he doesnt need to dive in all the time. but hes learning & is already a good player so im sure he will develop & end up as good as king & woodgate.

    defoe, why oh why do we let him take pens?
    he is awful at pens! i love defoe but he is very arrogant & we need someone to step up to him & say u arent good enough to take pens.
    his pen misses have cost as dearly.
    modric takes them for croatia & is good at them so why do we let defoe take them.
    modric should be our pen taker.

    disapointing result against what is really a championship team. i personally take both cups seriously so would like us to go for them with strong teams.
    i know a lot of u wont care if we go out in the replay because u want to concentrate on 4th & u made that clear after the utd carling cup loss.
    but i think 4th spot is 1 in 4 chance so i dont want us to put all our eggs in 1 basket.
    lets go for the fa cup & 4th.


    bale played well.
    good to see rose get a run out.
    pav coming on & scoring.

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    • again, great possession and attacking qualities for the first 15/20 mins, when we can't get a quick goal then it blows up in our faces, the players are seemingly clueless about what to do next, which gives the other team heart and they adjust accordingly, even leeds, and no disrespect intended, but they are in the third division so to speak ffs, surely harry can see this, it is a situation that needs addressing badly!


      positives; bale starting to look the player we all hoped he would become, rose looked decent(understand harrys thinking here, old club, motivation to do well).

      negatives; harrys game plan(long ball to 2metre peter when all else fails?), harrys line up(why not lm on the left, krank/jo'h or both in the c, anything is better than jj ffs(personally i think he was at fault for their first goal, the ball going to beckford seemed to come off of jj's foot, why was he back so deep?), gds on the right?), harrys substitutions(apart from pav that is), players attitude, 2 meter peter seems to have reverted to how he was 5/6yrs ago, i.e. looking like bambi on ice, defoe penalty, as sb says he's missing vital pens for us, also agree about his arrogant selfish attitude, lm, krank or bale would be better imo), daws needless challenges, he better than anyone knows that he had to take the ball cleanly, from the angle of the tackle that was never going to happen(having said that, where was ah?), beckford was going nowhere so why the reckless challenge?, the ability or wherewithall to keep possession and let the clock run down in added time,

      i could go on, but we all know and think basically the same, so the question is, if we can see these problems why does it appear that harry can't? or if he does, then why not do or try to do something about it?

    • itys a shame no one will listen good coments

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      • Agree with all you say SB, and we have to go for the replay as i honestly dont believe we will now get forth place, I think Man C will be in the shout and i also think Liverpool will now go on a run. Which will leave us and A Villa fighting for 6th. FA Cup would be great especially now the scum are out. COYS

    • I'd agree with everything you said there SB, negative or not. Was pleased for Pav - wonder if he'll get a run out in the Fulham game.

      One negative that I think you missed (or you may disagree with) was jenas. If we are talking of cashing in for players, which we need to, then I think if Inter are interested in him we should take the money and run. I just do not rate him at all and don't know whay so many managers do.

      Daws was at fault and I think he and Bale have a tendancy to fly in with their heart rather than head - its good in a way that they have so much commitment to the team but they need to learn a little bit of composure - which I'm sure they will. Bale was great overall, deserving of man of the match.

      Hopefully we can get the win now at their ground.

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      • glad u agree rambro about dawson needless diving in.
        some seem to disagree on another thread.
        but as i said there, dawson is good player & still developing.

        rambro u say leeds will be up for the replay will we?
        this is my point, i dont doubt our quality but i do doubt our fight & heart in games like leeds.

        we do seem to be on a bad run of ref decisions lately whereas arsenal seem to be getting a good run lately.
        i guess we arent a utd or arsenal so we wont get as many dodgy decisions in our favour as them.

        jimmy,glad u still value the fa cup, id love to win it.

        i didnt mention jenas as a negative but i guess thats because iv written him off as not good enough for over a yr.
        if inter do want him then id take a few million.
        why do so many managers & commentators rate jenas?

        good pt about harry making us more stable etc.

        i was very suprised with pavs attitude yesterday. i wrote him off as a miserable lazy sulker. but he gave his all & looked very happy to being playing for us.

        yes agree lee, bale & dawson our eager to win the ball which is admirable but they need to sometimes realise its better to not dive in.
        both young & developing.

    • SB, I desperately want to win the replay, believe me!! I love Spurs in the Cup Final...

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      • I agree Defoe; no more penalties.Spurs have been playing well under Redknap, can't ask for much more so soon, were not going to finish in the top four so easily, too much ground has been lost with the disastrous transfer decisions before Harry came on the scene. Stability under Redknap is the key, he is a great manager if given time Tottenham will be great again. We must hold on to our top players and not sell for profit like in the past, brighter days are ahead.

      • Harry we have told you so many times please get rid of Jenas he is so poor and you keep playing him, how many times do the fans tell you.
        Please let god have him at Inter and with my blessing and thousands of others give him to them for free.

    • Did Harry switch us off when we went up a goal? We sat back and invited them in...and in they came

      Sloppy defending

      Finishing far from clinical (except the two goals)

      ...and a miss penalty...here's the one time I wish Keane was on the pitch.

      ...penalty no calls

      ...penalty call 30 secs from time

      As soon as I saw who the man in black was, I thought, this better not be a tight game, because Wiley will fuck it up for us...(and if none of the above had happened he wouldn't have had the chance to...but he did).

      Dawson, my son...you're between the goal and the ball carrier and he's edging wider and wider away from the goal...why oh why do you slash in on him like that? Stand your ground and hope your boys are covering behind you (as they should be) in case the ball carrier gets the cross in...error on Daws's part. Bigger error on the ref's part, but I reckoned he'd call it...but wasn't there an unusually long delay considering where he was standing (did he need to consult given his vantage point?).

      Feb 2 at Elland Road...they'll be up for it big time...will we?

    • I agree about Defoe not taking our pens anymore. I also want to know what the hell hutton was doing why didnt he get right in with Dawson the Leeds player would more than likely had to turn and play the ball backwards, with 2 players in front of him. If you look at the replays he just does nothing. And as for Jenas why oh why oh why Harry. On the positive side lets hope we stuff em at Elland road.