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  • I wish we could win every game playing like that, dont think the result was in doubt for once and i would be happy to take these sort of points.
    We again started like demons if you look at most of the games this season Leeds for example we are in total control for 15/20 minutes of most games but do not finish sides off, this was not our finest performance by any stretch but non the less we have played much better and lost.
    Wilson Pallicious what a signing superb gives everything and his timing on some tackles are breathtaking to watch, Modric looks so much better on the left i thought he had a great match, personally i would have give Gareth Bale man of the match another fine performance from the young man making that 4 crackers in a row now.
    I have been David Bentleys biggest critic this year but last night i thought he had a steady game seemed to be wanting to get involved not like earlier in the season and nice to see him on the score sheet.
    My biggest dissapointment however is Defoe ive been to most games home and away recentley and he has been very poor he just seems out of it, i think Harry needs to think about changing the front line even if its to kick arse with Defoe, we seen Pav come in on Saturday he did well whether he will be part of the future i dont know.
    So Birmingham will be a telling game and 3 points there would be special, any other year you would think it would be an easy 3 points but not this season they are on fire and are right up there, they made it difficult earlier in the year when we beat them at the lane, again we were in total control at the start and with 10 minutes left we we hanging on.
    Only salvation for me with this game its a home game for me as for once i only have to travel 18 miles to see my beloved Spurs.

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    • I don't think its Daffy looking poor any more than it is Keane. IMHO the problem is that we tend to change our game when Crouch plays. Count the number of times we simply play the 'easy' high ball up to Crouch, rather than working through midfield. Crouch isn't a Berbatov - B would 50% of the time try to chest the ball down and control it. C tries to head it on and if Daffy/Keane aren't around (and you can argue they should be), then it tends to just go nowhere.

      I'm all for having a target man and it's godd having someone apart from the CBs who you can target fro corners etc, but you have to mix it up and I bet Crouch also gets a bit pee'd off with just having long ball after long ball belted up to him.

      That isn't a dig at Crouch either - just a style of play (I personally think Crouch is better with his feet than his head).

      PS going back to the Daws issue, did anyone see the analogy with the way Modric got the ball that the Fulham defender was trying to shepherd out in the box in the first half? The defender didn't 'deal' with it and what looked like being a dead ball, ended back up in the area.

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      • some times i think we r spoiled this season, weve won games 9-1 ,4-0,5-0,5-1 etc and if we dont keep it up then people think wholw sale changes r needed. defoe already has a personal best for goals in the PL. hudds too. lennon is on fire and so far 16 different people have scored for spurs . so when we have a bad run we need to stick buy the side and just let them sort it. i knw how frustating it is seeing us not perform to our max but we r not the finished article yet and will have off days.

        ok rant over sorry guys just this was a win we needed to get us back on track after 2 sh1t games and a poor draw at hull. i thought palacios plays better with hudds and modric was great on the left , bale is flying and can defend. his pace for getting forward and then back into position i feel is better then BAE.
        now if we play the ball on the deck abit more defoe might b in the game , would like to see keane start against birmingham and give defoe the day off , might be what he needs.

        and just on charlie corluka i feel that when u have a player like bentley who has no real pace and does lose the ball(he had a good game this is just in general) you need some one steady and not bombing forward. he does his job well and i thought had a good game. we r too shaky at the back still to have both full backs half way up the pitch.