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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 27, 2010 20:23 Flag

    fulham match

    Unlike some on here Beni I have absolutely no problem with you or anybody else disagreeing with me. I am used to it at home!

    I hope I am proved wrong and that Hudd goes on to be one of the best MF's in the PL but at the moment he is too slow (he got caught several times with the ball last night hence the fouls to try and win the ball back) and seems to think hitting 40 yard balls which more often or not get cut out is ok as long as one or two come off and makes him look "special"

    His tackling is very suspect and thats not good in centre MF. But most of all, and I have always had an issue with this type of player, he looks as if he couldn't give a flying fig about the game or what the result is. That really gets my goat!!

    But everybody see's something different and I am not so bothered that I will put up much resistence. Cheers.