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  • Layla Layla Jan 27, 2010 07:50 Flag

    fulham match

    good hard fought win against a decent team.
    not vintage spurs but we deserved the win.


    palacious was great in the middle.
    modric looking really good & sharp now.
    crouchy getting on the scoresheet.
    king playing full 90 & looked good.
    bale looking better.(good ekotto got competition)
    another clean sheet!

    didnt create much- 1 goal was deflected & other was a keeper error(lennons absence still obvious)
    defoe still quiet (could be lack of service)
    hudd still not marking his stamp in middle of park.
    corluka.(just joking! steady performance)

    well done boys but will have to up our game for birmingham thou!

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    • SB, I was going to move into your camp first half! thought Corluka looked a bit ropey first half but got better later...nice to see Bale enjoying his game & lookiing confident wasn't it?

    • great game... bale has been looking great the last two games. i agree that huddlestone seems a bit lost lately, shooting erratically. defoe seems frustrated, might do some good to start staying onside... and that missed penalty last game was pure lack of focus. hope he can regain his form

      pretty good showing overall, 3 points is the most important thing. bimingham have been in great form, should be a tough game, need 3 points to keep pressure on city and villa (if they win, will be ahead of us because we have a few games in hand) and liverpool.

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      • Agree with most of the comments here, a good yet not spectacular result. I think everyone was at the very least compitent. WP was great in Midfield at breaking up play - but he does give away a fair few lose passes. Still, given what he brings to the team, I'm happy with that.

        A point on Hudd though - I do feel we look a different team with him along side WP. I agree that he doesn't set games alight, or really live up to his potential, but I do think we look a lot steadier in CM with him than without him along side WP. And also, in the next game he plays, watch for how many headers he wins in midfield to break up play. And his distribution is usually good. Don't get me wrong, I think he has much more potential, and I think we should look for a CM to partner WP if we can, but I think we are a worse team without him with the current squad we have. And our last few results show that as well (obviously Lennon is a bigger loss).

        I was also pleased with Bentely's performance too. Thought he worked very hard. I'm hoping that if he stays he will be first choice to replace Lennon when Lennon is injured, as putting a centre mid or striker on the wing has never worked for us.

        Hopefully we can put in a good show at the weekend and get all 3 points in a difficult game. Things will be looking much better then.

      • Well we won, but lets be honest we struggled to create anything, two goals one a bad goalkeeping error and the other a wicked deflection. other than that we rarely looked to trouble their keeper (apart from first ten miutes ) defoe didnt have a shot on target. On at least five occasions a midfield player had the ball and on my screen four other spurs players we visible and they were all standing still. no movement and little penetration unlike the start iof the season do we miss lennon that much. that said we did win and hopefully will now go on to keep fourth. COYS

    • Oh, and I fully agree with the comment made earlier about Modric looking much better on the left. I think it works so much better for him and for the team. Unfortunately this would mean NK would be used as a back up to an inured Modric - shame as he's done well, but I think playing them both and putting Modric in the centre unbalances the team.

    • Can't argue with that Lee. I thought Modric had a good game but lets not forget he was up against a third choice RB. Bale also did well going forward but I would like to be able to say Bale had a really good game after a match where he was up against a good winger like Valencia. Then he will have come of age IMO.

      Re Hudd. I am aware I am in danger of becoming as obsessed with Hudd as SB is about Corluka but I just can't stand the apparent lack of effort and slapdash attitude he displays most of the time. Skillful undoubtedly but that only makes his lack of effort more galling.

    • got to disagree with u again on hudds sfer, i like his calm approach to the game. palacios can be a headless chicken some games and when hudds is there u know there will be cover and support, unlike when jj is playing. yes there is better and some one like that aqua dude at liverpool would be perfect but for now if hudds hits the target more i say play him with wilson and we should b ok.

    • Unlike some on here Beni I have absolutely no problem with you or anybody else disagreeing with me. I am used to it at home!

      I hope I am proved wrong and that Hudd goes on to be one of the best MF's in the PL but at the moment he is too slow (he got caught several times with the ball last night hence the fouls to try and win the ball back) and seems to think hitting 40 yard balls which more often or not get cut out is ok as long as one or two come off and makes him look "special"

      His tackling is very suspect and thats not good in centre MF. But most of all, and I have always had an issue with this type of player, he looks as if he couldn't give a flying fig about the game or what the result is. That really gets my goat!!

      But everybody see's something different and I am not so bothered that I will put up much resistence. Cheers.

    • Everyone has players they like and dislike, thats what makes these forums worthwhile - but I do agree with the point that its frustrating knowing he is capable of much more.

      But at least we can agree on the most important thing of all - Jenas is tosh!

    • re Bentley, I thought he did ok, but was worried that he didn't seem to want to take his FB on - he kept cutting back inside, didn't lose the ball much, control was good but doesn't have an ounce of Lennon's confidence (or pace?) - guess thats understandable with whats happened this season but if he stays, he needs to get it back to be truly effective for us. Look at the difference with Bale's confidence & pace on the left
      Hudd's languid style can be frustrating, I agree, but feel he has grown this season with faith shown in him, he now needs to take it up another notch. Goodbye Jenas.

    • Bentley was trying too fucking hard again - trying to be flash with back heels and the like, CUT IT OUT YOU PUFF and you might get another crack.

      Bale the little welsh monkey face was excellent, gets the Mellie SEAL of approval

      Modric, well....even though he has the face of a croatian girl he's fucking beautiful on the pitch. Good stuff yid army, lets crack that slum in Brum next

    • I didn't read all the responses, but i read enough to see that Defoe is taking a dig...I get that he's not scoring at the moment and that that is what he's there to do and does best when he's on...but did no one see how tirelessly he worked, holding up balls that did come to feet and laying off, running (well, to the halfway line at least) to make a tackle if that was on and genrally keeping plays alive that our long-legged friend gave up on.

      So all the other stuff said (well, the one's I read anyway) I agree with...solid if less than spectacular win...but a win nonetheless (who said we had to be spectacular every time out...it'dbe nice, but...just win and keep winning, i'll be happy...we'll worry about how we look later).