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    Can we get Vito Removed

    Is there a way of simply getting Vito prohibited from posting his inane crap on our board. I am starting to think that the boy has some serious psycho-social problems at best, and serious brain damage at worst - rather sad really - but nonetheless a serious pain in the ass.
    Vito - if you read this - get some help son - you are in desperate need, and a few years of serious psychoanalysis may make your life a lot happier, and less prone to force yourself into situations where you are not welcome simply so you can get some attention.

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    • Sorry Mike. I was being, or at least trying to be, ironic. I realise that Vito is trying to make out that he is in Italy from his profile so I did not catch on what you were trying to get across by pointing that out.

      By attempting to be a little bit witty I have just confused everybody so sorry about that. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Vito's book and just copy and paste other peoples thoughts and hopefully they wont be so cryptic.

      Back to the day job!!

    • Vito is about as Italian as chicken satay and rice.........arent you 'Vito'?

    • Sfer,

      I think the Vito name & AC Milan avatar is a dead give-away, it sounds so Italian to me - so there's no sarcasm on my part.

    • Is that a real clue to his whereabouts Mike or sarcasm? Or of course it might be a pointer to the fact that he might know a really, really nasty guy already!

      You can be so cryptic sometimes Mike.

    • Vito is probably in Italy Sfer.

    • I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a really nasty guy that for a few quid and 20 B&H will get rid of Vito forever, if you know what I mean. Breakfast with the fishes, concrete boots etc etc.

      Whip round (don't get excited EY!) anybody??

    • On a football related item,if Hutton DOES arrive on Wearside would it be a blow.? Do you think he has been given a fair chance to show?

    • Out of pure curiousity I've decided to look on the Milan board at some of his threads on there and Vito is the only one posting on there ( either no one can understand what the f*ck he is going on about or they have all decided to place him on ignore ).

      It seems that he is a 'billy no mates' type character living in his own little world even on the Milan board.

    • Sorry people but Vito will never go away...he is a troll and thats his raison d'etre. We have 2 options...place him on ignore or place him on the hit list......either way he wont leave so one or the other option will work best for you.
      As a strategy for removing his threads I would suggest not responding at all...they then drift off the page pretty quickly......sadly only to be replaced with a fresh one! Just look at his track record on the goon, manc, chelski boards.....he just aint listening people!
      Up until recently I just ignored his threads....but seeing as some of you had a pop I thought Id have a bit of fun too. Fact is taking the p*ss is only funny when I know someones listening to me and getting annoyed...however this plank has got his fingers in his ears going 'la la la' so whats the point? Lets just pretend he is not there. Its very likely he is just another of slayers IDs anyway so no point in banging you ead against a brick wall eh?

    • B2S,

      I've put him on my ignore user but he might come back with yet another identity.

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