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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Feb 2, 2010 05:07 Flag

    Right Backs

    The Hudd? With no other options at RB if Charlie gets injured (unless we sign somebody on loan) who else can he use? I recall the Hudd may have played there before when we had defensive problems last season, though I could be (and sometimes am) wrong ...?

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    • ...er...you what, Kentish?

    • No, I think you're right Kentish, but I don't think he did particularly well there... 'Arry also let Chimbonda go at RB (another one to add to Fazed's list). Rambr0, I checked the website earlier, unless Dervite (I thought we sold him ages ago!) has suddenly developed an amazing talent on the flank Corluka's our only RB with a squad number at the moment.

      The only thing I can think of, which I can't remember if I said earlier, is that maybe he's decided Bale's done so well at filling in he wants to have a go at playing him & BAE on either side? Trouble is, I can't imagine either of them being particularly effective on the right.

      It seems particularly odd given the upcoming fixture congestion I was whining about a couple of days ago... when Corluka's form dips often one or two games out does him the world of good
      (much faster than most other players, one exception being Bassong), but there's no chance of that now... do you think 'Arry's taken a bung from the FA to knacker him before the world cup???

      This is an unusual situation to be in isn't; we're fine on the left but struggling on the rignt!

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      • I never understood why Zokora went - I know he was a midfielder first but he did OK at RB. I liked Chimbonda but when he came back he wasn't played so what was the point?

        Would 'Arry really play Bale on the right considering he's a natural left-footer - how many times has he scuffed shots at goal because the ball fell to his unfavoured right foot?

        We'd all better get on our knees and pray that Charlie stays 100% fit until the end of the season unless we have the option to recall Naughton or Hutton.

        NBR - Dervitte has a squad number (30) but I thought he was more of a CB than RB.

      • It would be interesting to see how Bale performed at RB. I assume he would be the first choice RB assuming corluka went down injured. Being left footed doesn't mean you can't play the position... personally i like the thought of him cutting inside and opening up some shots. He has been great attacking and on defense.

        The only major flaw would be the quality of crosses on the right foot. Of course you can still spread it back and up to the mids for some crosses. I think he would do fine though.

        Like most of you i don't understand both naughton and hutton going... shoulda kept hutton, naughton needs the minutes to develop