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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Feb 2, 2010 22:05 Flag

    Walker recalled

    Has Walker ever played a match for us this season? I thought we loaned him straight back to Sheff U.

    Unless you're talking about Naughton, who's defo a RB.

    'Arry ought to give one of them a new name (or a nickname) to stop us getting confused.

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    • Haha - yeah, we totally got our wires crossed there. I thought you said Naughton was a LB. D'oh. It was him I was talking about when I said he'd played for us at RB. And yeah, Walker went straight back to Sheffield on loan, but we've since recalled him.

      However, I did think Walker was primarily a RB too. I thought they both covered the same position but could also play Right Wing too if needed.

      The only left backs I thought we had were BAE and Bale.