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  • Well there was a thread for another player who seems to have come in from the cold, so I figured I'd start this one for our favourite "jinx".

    He seems to have been absolutely fearless in the last couple of games he's played in.

    He's not defending too badly either (saw him put in a couple of timely slides in both of his last starts).

    I do say the jury's out on both Bale and Bentley, who'll go a long way to convincing me that they are playing to their expected potential with similar performances over the next few matches (starting with Villa).

    Back to Bale...going forward he's becoming a real menace, totally unafraid to take the defender on, on the outside...and usually beating them for pace every time. hoping he keeps getting up as defenses are going to go for the knock down first and win the ball second sooner or later (like they always do with Lennon).

    Good on the lad for sticking in their and grafting...Harry's going to have those "Manager's Dream" selection problems before long:

    BAE LB and Bale LM..or vice versa....or Bale LB and Kranjcar/Modric LM

    Bit tougher on the right side as neither contestants are defenders...it's one or the other.

    Oh sweet sweet dilemma

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