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    Lost Ground

    Looks like our park is becoming a show-place for visiting goalies! Friedel didn't do as much as Myhill did for Hull, but between him, the Villa defense flinging themselves in front of everything...and some dubious finishing by our strikers, I saw the 0-0 coming.

    Unfortunately for us, Liverpool beat Everton, so just as we didn't win the game that took us to 4th (other teams around us lost and we drew)...we didn't lose a game that saw us drop from 4th.

    I have to say we definitely went for the win (as one should at home)...and at no point looked like we were going to step off the pedal and settle for the draw. There were some silly giveaways (the whole of the midfield were accountable).

    Bale didn't seem to have been let loose for this game (a nod to the speed Villa have on the break I reckon)...and why did Bentley shave? He was playing with the hair again (OK, not as bad as before, but definitely not as good as his last few games). His crosses and corners were hit or miss (got to be frustrating for the big men who lumber up field especially for the corners and angled free-kicks, only to see a poor delivery that didn't clear the first man. That said, he did start swinging them a little higher in the second half.

    Back line looked solid for the most part...and...did we use any subs? We've got another game in mid-week, away to Wolves, where I suspect we're going to be turned loose to go after the points...so it'll be another midlands team forced back to keep us out. I don't really fear Wolves's breakaway threat...but watch me get proved wrong.

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    • O'Hara's a good player, but he's not the answer; he's bought into the Portsmouth philosophy and he's enjoying gettting a regular start, while he's had his feisty moments with us he's not like that all the time (like palacios seems to be)...I'd love for him to be that way and then we'd have the one two punch in the middle of the park; but for some reason, and maybe its our style of play, i just don't think he'd get the job done, well, not to the point of making a significant difference...he'd do alright for himself, but take us over the top, I don't see it. All that said, 'Arry better bring him back come seasons end (I'm sure he'd welcome getting his wages on pay day, not months later!!!).

    • yes kran is doing well.but apart from pas there is no fight in the midfield that was obvious against alot of teams we play.could he play were thud plays?? ohara has so much heart that no 1 else in midfield has (thud) i miss that.

    • Jamie got man of the match on the the telly against Southampton. I remember how disappointed he was when he didn't get into our CC final side. Pity he would be cup-tied now if he was to come back...how long is the loan for?

    • Yep, with you there big bear - he's playing a blinder because he's getting regular 1st team footie,which he wasn't at WHL, especially since Kranjcar's arrival.

      I've always rated O'Hara and think it was wrong for 'Arry to loan him out, though I have to say Kranjcar has done well for us since he came to WHL.

    • has anybody else been watching how ohara been getting on at portsmouth and is it just me? or does anybody else think he could b the answer to the fight we need in midfield?? he is def putting in a shift at portsmouth.

    • To be honest SB I'm probably more cynical than you could ever be when it comes to this team of ours...I was merely doing the math in my last post...of course since then water has gone under the bridge...we lost to Wolves and the Goons beat the Scousers and now Everton are creeping up on us...I think 7th is optimistic...8th more like!

      Just reading the comment from Defoe about the half-time bollocking HR gave the team for not showing up in the first half tells me that all the hope in the world, all the positive vibes/thoughts/actions in the world have no bearing on how our team feel on match day..if they've collectively been brought under a black cloud (kids a sick, WAG's acting up...sorry SB...LOL...car brokedown...whatever), they may only show token resistance and forget everything they've planned on in practice.

      This IS the business end of the season, and as a fan I'd like to think that our team is made up of professionals who know what's at stake and now how to go about achieveing positive results...the truth of the matter is, we don't...and we don't have the charcters on staff to snap them out of their celebrity...well we'll see how the rest of the season plays out.

    • I feel like I've been spanked SB! (Normally reserved for weekends when the wife is drunk!) That's the only trouble with looking on the bright side all the time, when the whistle blows the dark clouds cometh. I'm not deluding myself, I just live life with a smile on my face....If I keep thinking that we are that good, maybe one day we will be!! It's called hope...

    • hi jay. i didnt say u should be afraid to be optimisitic about us winning the next 8 league games.
      but u should be realistic & stop deluding yourself about how good we are.

      oh yeh, & we LOST AGAINST WOLVES TODAY!.
      so there goes your winning the next 8 games prediction.

    • OK SB that's your view but I think we should win all those games. I'm not afraid to be optimistic and I think with the team we have we should win them all. I'm not saying that we will but I think we SHOULD be victorious in our next 8 games. As Essex said on another thread, the bad luck we have been experiencing with refs decisions and goalies/defenders playing out of their skin, cannot continue forever so I for one am very hopeful about our next few fixtures.....

    • we should win our 8 next games on paper!

      why should we? noone has won 8 games in a row this season so why are we suddenly going to do it.

      our away form has been better this season but still very average so 1 win in every 2 away games would be a big improvement.

      wolves, wigan, everton, stoke, sunderland are all tough games that could go either way.

      blackburn & pompey are the only games on paper u would say we should win.

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