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    Killing off the opposition - lack of a ruthless streak!

    No I'm not talking about Vito or Gunnerburygooner ( even though it would be very tempting ), I'm talking about the lack of a ruthless streak that Spurs have for finishing teams off especially at WHL.

    We have dropped 10 points at WHL this season against teams that we would expect normally to beat.

    While it can or should be expected to continue with our cup run at Bolton next week, I cannot help but think that if we would have won against the relegation teams that took those points off us at WHL we would have consolidated 4th place by now.

    As it is we are looking at other teams doing us a favour by taking points of the other teams vying for that elusive 4th place in the EPL.

    Ho-hum it looks like its a case of the same old, same old as far as we are concerned.


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    • I am thinking that we will get maximum points from our next 2 away EPL games. Teams know how to play us at home...they park the bus and rely on breakway's. When these teams are at home and I am referring to Wolves and Wigan then the initiative is with them and they need the points...it all adds up to an attacking game (cos we won't defend) making it alot more open for us to destroy them down the flanks...Bale and Bentley and even through the middle with Mod's skill, Hud's intelligent passing and Palacio's competitiveness & work rate. I cannot see either of the above's Centre Backs having any answer to Defoe and Crouch. I would also like to throw Bolton into the mix as well. 6 points and an FA Cup win coming up!!

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      • Royston,

        Welcome to the Yahoo message boards.

        As far as your assessment over the next 3 games are concerned, the results should be fairly academic ( I think we will win at Wolves a one goal win should see us secure the 3 points on offer ).

        I'm not so sure about Bolton, historically we have a crap record at the Raebok and no matter how well we are doing in the league we always seem to struggle up there so I think another one goal win even though I would be happy with a 1-1 draw taking them to a replay at WHL.

        Wigan have not forgotten the 9-1 demolition job we did on their defence in November, but we should be able to counter any problems they may pose... 2-1 to the Lillywhites!

    • I don't think there is would likely to be wholesale changes against Wolves this week as we need the points. We should be able to get the 3 points if HR puts out the same side that drew with Villa

      The scousers are away to the gooners and even though I am loathe to say it, I hope that the gooners win.

      Gudjohnsen & Kaboul could make their Spurs debuts, but Pavy is still suffering from the injury that he picked up against Leeds and is unlikely to feature.

    • When he has (rarely) been on the pitch this season Pav has looked OK. I just feel that the time is right to make a change.

      One factor that scares me is the fact that other PL teams seem to have gotten wise to the threat of Crouchy, if we mix it up a bit then we might see teams struggle to contain us given the attacking options that we have...in midfield and with Bale's attacking style of play too.

    • Certainly think he should be given half a game at least. I'm sure Harry will see in training how he might develop an understanding with Daffy and how he adapt our game to suit.

      Likewise Pav should be given a run, I'm sure we have a sleeping giant here, we just need to find a way to get him firing.

    • We have all been hoping for some consistency this season and we seem to have got it.......we consistently cannot finish off games we would expect to win and games that we dominate! Not the kind of consistency that we were hoping for eh??

      I would like to see 'Arry change something in the forward line up. Keane is obviously a no-no but on current form even if he had been at the lane he would not be the answer. That leaves Eider G or Pav to come in and shake things up a bit. I for one am getting a bit fed up with the Long Crouch ball, at least the Iceman can play a bit with the ball at his feet and has a lot more pace than Crouchy (well that's not difficult is it!). I say give him a bit of a run and see if he can bring the best out in Defoe!

      What do you all think?

    • crouch quality hire not! what an impotent strike force!! Be content with a top 6 place and shut up!!

    • GY agree with you, if you dont put the ball away you aint going nowhere, i said on another post last night, games that should have been put to bed not even counting the games you mentioned against lower opposistion but look at the 2 Villa games 4 points threw away against a team that are our rivals for fourth spot, take them 4 points and add them to your list, our strikers have been scoring goals but in all honesty Jermain Defoe should now be on 30+ goals now instead of 20.
      I think we have a slight problem with the way we play dont get me wrong i love Defoe and Crouch but we have to play 2 different systems for each forward for Crouchy its the long ball from the back normally Dawson pumps up the long ball and its worked in from there, take Defoe he has to receive it at his feet and if we play the long ball he is out of the game for long periods.
      Against Leeds he scores 3 all at the feet and i can tell that Jermain is missing Lennon, so for me i think we have a slight problem with our Forwards, it will be interesting to see how Defoe links up when Gudjohnsen plays i suspect Harry will play him in the Keane role tucked in just behind the front 2, even so i think we will be a far more balanced side wheh Lennon comes back.