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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 7, 2010 18:23 Flag

    Killing off the opposition - lack of a ruthless streak!

    GY agree with you, if you dont put the ball away you aint going nowhere, i said on another post last night, games that should have been put to bed not even counting the games you mentioned against lower opposistion but look at the 2 Villa games 4 points threw away against a team that are our rivals for fourth spot, take them 4 points and add them to your list, our strikers have been scoring goals but in all honesty Jermain Defoe should now be on 30+ goals now instead of 20.
    I think we have a slight problem with the way we play dont get me wrong i love Defoe and Crouch but we have to play 2 different systems for each forward for Crouchy its the long ball from the back normally Dawson pumps up the long ball and its worked in from there, take Defoe he has to receive it at his feet and if we play the long ball he is out of the game for long periods.
    Against Leeds he scores 3 all at the feet and i can tell that Jermain is missing Lennon, so for me i think we have a slight problem with our Forwards, it will be interesting to see how Defoe links up when Gudjohnsen plays i suspect Harry will play him in the Keane role tucked in just behind the front 2, even so i think we will be a far more balanced side wheh Lennon comes back.

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    • Once again a goalkeeper gets rave reviews against us. we are making chances and i only saw MOTD but they only showed one AV attack. dissapointed with not finishing teams off but thats us......one day.

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      • Forgot to mention about the dropped points in games where we threw away a 2 goal lead against Everton or our goal lead going into the 94th minute in last weekend's game against Birmingham - absolutely bloody typical.... yet another 4 points pi$$ed away from winning positions this season!

        IMHO I think a return to basic defending may be the solution - ie. putting 10 men behind the ball and learn how to defend a goal lead when the situation warrants it.

        It may be boring but at least we won't have to endure having to watch suicidal defending that cost us precious points in the race for 4th place.

        Rant over!