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  • Jay Jay Feb 8, 2010 20:00 Flag

    Killing off the opposition - lack of a ruthless streak!

    We have all been hoping for some consistency this season and we seem to have got it.......we consistently cannot finish off games we would expect to win and games that we dominate! Not the kind of consistency that we were hoping for eh??

    I would like to see 'Arry change something in the forward line up. Keane is obviously a no-no but on current form even if he had been at the lane he would not be the answer. That leaves Eider G or Pav to come in and shake things up a bit. I for one am getting a bit fed up with the Long Crouch ball, at least the Iceman can play a bit with the ball at his feet and has a lot more pace than Crouchy (well that's not difficult is it!). I say give him a bit of a run and see if he can bring the best out in Defoe!

    What do you all think?