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    Not good enough for the Champions League!

    Wolves have taken the maximum points off us this season.

    If we can't beat a team with the shadow of relegation hanging over them then we my as well give up any hope of qualifying for the Champions League this season.

    Bring back Martin Jol - Redknapp has taken us as far as he can!

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    • Your right John - they are all just opinions.
      And your right - it's just football - and it's a football club that I've been supporting for close to 50 years, so it really has been a part of my life - the ups and the downs - so when I see people writing the club off it's kinda like they are writing off family members - something I do not like (except for one or two uncles and aunts!).
      I guess I'll give up the ghost on CL football when we can no longer make it statistically.
      And if we do make the CL - and if we do bail out in the early stages - we still get to fall back on the Europa Cup. So it's progress, it's experience, it's going to generate some income for the club, and hopefully it will help us keep our good players and attract some more where we need to fill in the gaps.

      I hav'nt posted for a while,so just been reading all your posts,quietly thinking that we can hang on to this 4th SPOT.

      Right now though,i feel as thoroughly fcuked off as everyone else and thought that someone might cheer me up with some positve reading.


      YES,we did play poorly last night and i think thats down to ARRY for making too many changes to start the game.

      We should have started we our strongest 11 and if and when we have a 1 or 2 goal lead and a good domination of the game,then make subtle changes so you don't through away your 3 points as can easily happen(EVERTON).

      ANYWAY,i think alls not lost yet,as others may equally slip up,asMAN CITY did against HULL.

      Don't get me wrong,it's going to be EASY,but now it's CRUNCH time,and if we are going to make a true GHALLENGE for that 4th spot it has to start NOW.

      MAYBE,we can start playing real FOOTBALL again and with AL soon to return we can get back on WINNING WAYS.


      SPURS FOREVER. COYS111111111111111. JEFFALL.

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      • good post john locke. being more optimistic dont make anyone a better supporter.

        i always support us 100% & even if we are playing poorly & getting beaten, i still keep encouraging & supporting.

        whenever we play i always give extra support to players i dont rate like corluka & jenas.

        the 1 thing that really annoys me about our team is being out fought due to our lack of fight & heart.
        i belive we have a better quality team than liverpool but they put the effort & fight in which is why they have gone above us.

        lets get behind the boys for sunday as bolton is always a horrible place to go!

        stick our strongest 11 out

    • So all of you predicting the worst for Spurs are not true supporters - ready to take a dump on 'arry or the players or both. Get over it - we will still be competing for 4th place at the end of the season - and I will still be optimistic until we get to the end of the season.

      I'm not sure if being pessimistic or optimistic says if you're a true supporter or not. All opinions are just as valid, as they are just that, opinions.
      I'm not overstruck on 'arry personally (he's not bad, but I never saw him as being the 'messiah' - the one we have been waiting for) - but the man has to be given a chance, as all managers should.
      The dip in form - I'm not sure that's the case - and therein lies the problem. I think in the early days, we got some results when we weren't playing too well (and I think that was said here) - and we all hoped that our form would start to match the results. But now the results have gone the other way. I think our form (last night excepted) has been better than the results. So it's all swings and roundabouts.
      I honestly don't think (from what I've seen) that City are better than us, or Villa - but I must admit, I liked Pool's work ethic last night. They made the Arse look ordinary.

      To me the vote on 4th is out. I'd like to think we'll get it, but so much of the EPL actually hinges on that odd bit of luck and that extra 5% that teams give. AND at the moment, I don't see us giving that 5% let alone 10%. I keep saying it - we're ok against teams that let us play, but we have no 'desire' if they put up a fight (and that battle is normally played out in midfield - so that's where I see the issue).

      But, what the heck, it's only football - right?

    • Glad someone's keeping the faith, O.F.! It's just about the way our season's tailed off that's making us all stop believing. When you contrast the start of the season when we outclassed the Scousers at home and were hitting four here and five there, and playing some breath-taking football I think we became a bit spoilt and started to expect it week in and week out, and why not? Losing Modrich for a long spell just as he was starting to boss all over the opponents' half (he's yet to regain this quality, but he will) and of course losing Lennon who was scaring the Premiership defences be-jeeberless have both been big blows to us, and have changed the way we've had to play, if we are slightly long-ball at the moment, it's only temporary. Goalkeepers have all done well against us, and refs have done badly....it all adds up to make people a little bit pessimistic about the rest of the season. BUT....a couple of good results and diplays will change all that. H. knows what he is doing, I have no doubt about that and he is here for the long-term I hope. He is also a gent, who will always give credit/sympathy to the opposition, unlike his counterpart down the road who thinks he is the second coming and his twinkle-toed players his disciples who have all shown us how the game SHOULD be played because he IS the saviour! Now I've started...oh dear. Anyhoo, would sixth and the FA cup be a failure? I would take it happily...THIS season!

    • i agree old fan. But il take 5th and the FA cup cos at the moment and with the players we have and it pains me to say it spurs babe is right we will come out of the champions league a lot faster than we went in it and with egg on our face.

    • So right now we're having a crappy run - we've actually lost 2 of the last 13 games we've played - and admittedly we've drawn a lot we should have won (and lost when we should have won).

      So - how would we have felt last season if we had a run like this? How would we have felt if we had the goal difference we have currently? How would we have felt if we were still (yes still) competing for a CL place?

      Yes - yesterday's game - we played like shite, I do not grasp the lineup 'arry started with (not the least Jenas), and with a few exceptions we looked like a bunch of amateurs running around. Why 'arry would make 5 changes is kinda beyond me - and at the same time - I can see .... wolves, some new players to get a run out, chance to rest a few players .... so I understand why to some degree, and I can see why he didn't make the changes earlier wanting to give the players on the park time to figure things out - well they obviously didn't.

      So - is it better that we have a dip in form, concentration, call it what you will - now, or during the last month of the season when we have some serious games in front of us?

      Look what Liverpool have gone through this season and they are now back in contention. I see no reason we cannot bounce back and play some decent football as we enter the last of the season.

      I was incredibly disappointed watching the game yesterday - against a team at the bottom of the league!!! Yes we were crap - and supporting a team means just that - whether they're winning or playing like a bunch of planks.

      So all of you predicting the worst for Spurs are not true supporters - ready to take a dump on 'arry or the players or both. Get over it - we will still be competing for 4th place at the end of the season - and I will still be optimistic until we get to the end of the season.

    • "I will stand for the truth"

      You wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the face which hopefully it will some day soon.

      Now go back to your own board and leave us alone wan$er.

    • Hey we may buy and sell 3-4 players a year but they are the same 3-4 players we sell them and then buy them back.......

    • Ohh dear me what a sad muppet, I do hate Chelsea a lot but I will stand for the truth, No they dont buy 4 and sell 4 every year like tottenham, maybe 1 or 2 but thats abt it.

    • Saad said

      "Top 4 teams dont change their teams that much every year."

      What about Chelsea you plonker!

      and I would rather have "Droopy" than that conceited, arrogant, French twatt Whinger anyday. At least Arry is honest about the players that don't play well or make stupid tackles or cheat. All Whinger does is make Ar$e and its fans look and sound ridiculous with his "I didn't see it" or "Everybody hates us" comments. The bloke is a wan$$r just like you.

      And before you say "ARRY _ honest!" I mean what I said about th eplayers. What he does with his money is another subject but of course you are whiter than bl00dy Jesus aren't you. T0sser.

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