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  • longtimespur longtimespur Feb 12, 2010 22:11 Flag

    Jenas up for sale????????????

    Harry needs the money for the HMRC brigade.
    UNFORTUNATELY I am just joking. Thought it might get a few peoples attention. LOL
    It's defo on my wish list for the summer.
    On anyone else's wish list or is there anyone else I should put on mine?

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    • We should have sold him last year when that Italian (or was it Spanish?) club came sniffing round. If we had then at least 'Arry couldn't have been tempted to play him :-( Oh well, chances are nobody will want him come summer and we'll be stuck with him.

      Let him rot in the reserves.

    • Oh you little trickster lts.

      My little heart leapt when I read that.

      I can't beleive how many feel the same way about Jenas or how deep the loathing goes. Arry would get ten brownie points just for putting him for sale let alone actually selling him. And Arry might need those brownie points the way he is going!

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      • Sfer quite right mate he needs to get some decent results from now, dont know about him going in the dock about tax evasion he needs to go in the dock to face the fans, im still reeling from Wednesdays game i just cannot believe what team he started with against such poor opposistion, you have read it on the thread you have stood by fans at games i have never heard a good comment coming from any Spurs fans about Jenas, he looses the ball every time he tries to pass it, hes always in the wrong position and does not know where to play.
        Normally its down to different peoples opinion which is why we all like to put our own comments on the thread, we do not always agree with our fellow yiddos and as long as it constructive thats great, but i have to say Harry must be the only person on this planet (except Mourinio) that thinks this man can play, he is total garbage on i would not want a fee for him, if we let him go for me he could go on a free transfer and i would still be happy.

      • Can't argue on that point!! Not happy with Harry at the mo either.
        WHY do managers rate Jenas so highly? England managers picked him and the special one was even rumoured to want him in Italy.
        I am completely dumbfounded. He's got a "good engine", ie: runs about a lot, gives away far too many free kicks especially near our box and occasionally scores a cracker (1 against the gooners).
        Never seen anything in him personally.