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  • Im not talking about harry redknaps team selections, im not talking about Jermaine Defoe and im not talking about the result against wolves or jenas (altough the last two are), im talking about the attitude of us fans! BLEAK about sums around 95% of you up!

    So, in an attempt to cheer you up, lets look at some posistives and whiegh them against the negatives shal we. If anyone wants to add as many as theyd like to the list, ill start us off with just a couple:

    1 Although hes clearly our best player, have we really missed Lennon THAT much?! maybe a bit of goal threat, but weve still created chances havent we? must go to show we have strentgh in depth!?

    2 If we have missed Lennon, he is to come back, and if we can hang on to being a point behind 4th spot, who knows he could put us into the next gear to go right ahead and take it?

    3 Pavs back, so if you lot hate our current options upfront with most siding against crouch or defoe at the moment, maybe this man could help out?


    1 The wolves game.......

    2 The liverpool game....

    3 Both games against villa, wasted chance to put daylight between us!!

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    • HI Nick, I suppose that being where we are in the league must count as a positive. Given it at the start of the season we would all have jumped for it. But there has been so much hype about us finishing in the top 4 or even the top 3, Harry's words I believe, that the way we throw points away and the team selection at times are very frustrating.
      Another positive, yes Lennon is to come back,
      Negatives.......... what about GDS and Naughton, where's Bostock, all the youngsters we buy then don't play, just loan them out to lesser teams than we bought them from. Brought Walker back from loan then played Kaboul at left back????
      Biggest negative.....He still has Jenas and still PLAYS him.
      Hasn't given Pav any encouragement by playing him for a run of games.
      Have no fight in the team, they can't, or won't, battle to win the right to play our passing game.
      Positive ...we are making loads of chances.
      Negative...we are missing loads of chances.
      Sorry more neg's than pos's but that is just my opinion.
      Been supporting Spurs for 52/53 years so I am used to it, don't like it but once a yiddo always a yiddo!!!!!
      Let's hope it's a big POSITIVE tomorrow. COYS

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      • i agree with th comments made, and i can accept that he doesnt use the young players to the fullest. But lets be fair, if tomorrow say he were to use walker and he made a mistake which led to the winning goal, how many people would be sayin harry isnt taking the cup seriously!? If we played youngsters against wolves and lost, some might of said why not play kaboul there? He sees the players in training, he knows hwat level there at and he knows the best systems against teams to play are, afterall we all have a rough idea on how a team plays, but do we know as much has harry and his team becuase they must spend time anylsing matches etc. Also Liverpool look rubbish, but they do have a habit of grinding out results which we do lack, but i believe we are better attacking team so swings and roundabouts really!

      • harry has to see same players go missing every game harry use some others then we might get some where

      • i agree with all of that plus bently is beginning to put in a shift lets just hope we beat bolton tomorrow cos thats not going to be easy . you just no they r going to park there bus. come on you spurs.