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  • Nothing surprises me with the way Spurs play; brilliant then awful.Spurs fans shouldn't expect much this season,to break into the top four is no joke,United Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal have been at it for decades, they hold on to their top players for years whereas Spurs sells them to turn a profit.Its been like this for decades.Spurs attacking style is special,they must create an atmosphere of stability at managerial level .How long has Arsene Wenger been at Arsenal.Martin Youl was a good manager they should have kept him,don't expect Redknapp to perform miracles,it will take another 3 or 4 years to break into the top four.

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    • Gilley you make an interesting point...given that the teams that typically finish in the top 4 hold on to their players and their managers stick aroud for awhile (except Chavski's)...while we sell on our good players, for profit and switch managers like most people change their underwear (actually, bad visual that one)...and...even with the CL revenue and long runs in domestic trophy's...those clubs don't do the business end of Football as well as we do (year on year record profits...financially we're, what Top 15 in Europe?)...not sure where I'm going with this (lost my train of thought...damn...old age!). It seems we're built to remain solvent and a good business bet...along the way we might win a cup or two...but not much more

      Anyway...the title of the thread...are we full of awe...or are we awful?