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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Feb 15, 2010 02:51 Flag

    Tough Cupp Game..

    Excellent cup-tie today I thought, in which both teams played a big part. I thought Bolton Wanderers deserved their lead at H-T., it was real backs-to-the-wall stuff for us, and we had to show some fight to stay in it. Harry wasn't having any of it though, I think he must have torn into the players during the break, because we looked a different team during the second half. Kevin Davies is the latest to accuse us of being a long-ball side, but even though Crouch was playing, I still think we tried to play football! Modrich is still struggling at the moment, but I don't think this will last, Bale is playing out of his skin when going forward, and I thought Palacios got through some graft today. Bentley continues to improve and I'm glad we kept him now! Other notables, King, Daws and Corluka. One or two things that puzzle me though...why does the goal always seem to shrink when we get a penalty? And where were the Bolton fans? The stadium looked empty on the box!

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    • Tough as old boots this lot. They like kicking fuck out of anything that moves the cunts. I'd take a draw all day long.

      Whats happening with old streaky bollocks Crouchy these days?. He's looking a bit light weight not to mention a little shit. At one point i thought he was the painted lines of the little semi circle bit by the penalty box. Shape up CROUCHY. Eat something you cunt

    • I think Gomes should take the penalties - for heavens sake he couldn't do any worse than everyone else has been doing!
      You would think that people that play football all day, and earn huge money for doing it, would at least be able to put a penalty away!
      Thought Bentley was OK - although a lot of his crosses went nowhere and/or were too low - more of a general cross than actually being directed at a specific individual.
      As someone else said - it could have been a whole lot worse!

    • A bit of a mixed day but we're still in the cup - and even though a next round tie away to Fulham is a tricky one, I think it could have been worse. Overall, I think if any team deserved to nick it it was us (hit the bar twice and looked the bigger threat going forward) although a draw is a fair result.

      We do need a penalty taker though. Badly.