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  • Lee Lee Feb 15, 2010 03:27 Flag

    We need a penalty taker.

    Any thoughts on who it should be out of those we have. The penalties I have seen from u thus far have reeked of uncertainty - Defoe's and hudd's today. Instead of picking the spot before hand (which should be low, and to a corner) theres been to much of this stop statrt run up rubbish that is an attempt to throw the keeper but often back fires.

    I heard Luka takes them for Croatia - maybe he's our man?

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    • It should me Modric or Kranjcar, settle it at practice going against Gomes. Niko would probably win because his left boot is stronger. Either one would be fine over the Defoe/Huddlestone debacle. They just can't keep giving inferior teams chance after chance because sooner or later they'll get "rivered".

    • According to Bale the team does not practice taking penalties.

      This sums Spurs up in a nutshell. What else do they not do in training. Considering they are professional footballer's should they not be practicing everything in training to give them the best possible chance to win as much as they can.

      Or perhaps the team and management are satisfied with only a top 10 finish every season with no silverware.

      Would like to see the team establish another gear to their game when the chips are down. They definatey do not have the mental strength off for example a Man utd team.

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      • No, what Bale says is not surprising at all. We have heard it before, that English managers do not believe in practising taking penalties. That's probably why England sucks when it comes to a penalties in the knockout phase of a major tournament, and now it appears, why Spurs sucks at penalties even in the normal game. By not practising penalties, 'Arry believes even his Missus could score from da penalty spot, plain and simple. What English managers tend to misunderstand is the huge difference between taking a penalty under pressure versus when you are not under pressure. When it comes to having to making a "sure thing" under pressure, there is definitely a mental aspect to it that can only come from practising a lot so that the mental aspect is shut out when you have to perform when it counts. English managers typically do not understand this, and 'Arry is a typical English manager. He might be a good 'un to take us out of relegation, but not good enough to get into the Top 4, as Spurbabe has pointed out.

    • We've got the right shits when it comes to pens now. Its just like watching England. Terrible diarohea problem just like those boys from the 90's Waddle, goofy Gareth and Pearce etc

      The 'Mod' would be my choice

    • Sorry Lee, I sought of said the same thing on my own thread! Luka had been taken off before the pen., otherwise I agree he should be the obvious choice...just our luck this season!