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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Feb 22, 2010 09:19 Flag


    I've never made any secret of my opinion of the vodka bloke. He should be kept and he should be played, Harry needs to eat some pie of humble and admit he is wrong. He fucking knows it and the boat race showed it on his goals. Harrys been excellent but just like anybody he makes mistakes and he needs to play my mate Mr Smirnoff and admit he's been a cunt.

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    • i agree roger nicely put. r u really a cartoon m8? lol

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      • Big Bear and Roger, very true Harry has got egg on his face with this one, its been crying out at least to give Pav a chance but Harrys had a bee in is bonnet over this and he should come clean instead of being smug when challenged by the media.
        I was at the game and you could automatically see the difference when Modric and Pav come on it was a different dimension to the game, Modric made some great make up play and knew where Pav was all the time. I like Defoe and i like Crouchy even though the latter has been poor the last four or five games, but this guy is far to good to not be in the team or even on the bench, with the players reactions i can tell you they love this guy.
        Its alright Harry saying hes trained well this week and showed committment and deserved his chance, well Harry hes proved his worth the best thing you can do is apologise and tell him you were wrong and you should beg him to stay.

      • Gotta agree with everyone above we must play PAV, corouch at the moment is not doing it(not for lack of trying) and pav comes on and scores two, cant do any more. Great result, was thinking before the game that if we lost and Everton beat us on sat we would be fighting for seventh, so the boys did well and fought for the result.What a season must be going to the bitter end COYS