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  • Managers really make me smile with their comments after the game, yesterday Martinez complaining about Jermain Defoes goal being offside, having looked at it after i got home from the game you have to agree it, was but how many times have we been robbed this year alone with very important decisions going against us, as well as famous decisions in the past.
    It gets up my back when the like of Ferguson and co jump on the band wagon but nothings said when its the other way around they keep stum with their comments then.
    Now going back to Martinez who by the way is not as bad as many of the other managers but never the less what happened when we beat Wigan 9-1 Scharners goal against us was the most blatant hand ball of the season, it came a week after Republic of Ireland got dumped out of the world cup with France, now i know Scharners goal was not going to change that result but the fact was it could have done, when interviewed about the goel Martinez said the same as Ferguson and Wenger say they did not see it marvelous really that they never see it when they score dodgy goals.
    I dont like Roy Keane but his comments were correct when the Republic went out to France, he said "Get Over It" and he is correct.

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    • Sash,

      Football managers are a unique breed of human being - their comments regarding incidents like penalties, fouls, yellow/red cards, off-side decisions and time-added on are quite often embarrassing to see.

      Most are in self denial when it comes to incidents involving other teams but are up-in-arms when the incident involves their own team.

      The biggest exponants of this are Ferguson, Wenger & Benitez surprisingly only Ancelotti can emerge with any credit as he knows how to conduct himself with the media/tv.

      They use the 'we wuz robbed' line when results go against their teams. Just goes to show that the big teams always get the most contentious decisions over the teams lower down the pecking order.