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    Spurs 4 Bolton 0

    4 goals in 2 games, Pav has to be given a start against Everton.

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    • It does make you wonder how much of this great form he is showing is "shop window" stuff and the fact that arry has made him wait for his chance. Will he start to slow down once he has a buyer lined up or thinks he has done enough in front of arry?

      I hope not. He is a good player we all know that - a bit slow perhaps but good technique and he knows where the goal is.

      Having him and Eidur able to back up Crouch and Defoe when needed either through injury or bad form is something we have not had that much before so well done Arry for keeping them happy and waiting. Lets hope it is enough to keep us in fourth and win the FA Cup eh.

    • hes defo not the messiah , but he is some one that most of us thought would do well given a chance . we saw his finishing in the league cup last year so we know he can score . hes a defo a top player that links up well with the midfield we have. plus its stopped the long ball stuff we all dont like,

      i really feel that given a run in the the team with defoe and modric behind , he will score and even set goals up. hes a great mover off the ball , he does have a lack of what you call blistering pace but seems to find the right place at the right time. hes got good close ball control too . these are all the things that "should" do well in any spurs squad as we all know we love to play fancy football.

      thats enough singing his praises i agree too that if a player shows form then play him and he is so i would like to see him start again against everton.

    • Yeah you are right Wey - perhaps I was being a bit over the top with the Messiah thing but some are getting a bit over heated in terms of how good they think Pav is all of a sudden.

      All I am saying is let's wait and see for a while first. He should start at the weekend as I said and I agree with you that in-form players should get the nod ahead of others who might be worth more or have a "big" name.

      It just might be Pav and Eidur at the weekend so that will be interesting.

    • sjer i dont think anyone is saying hes the messiah just that he has stuck around for whatever reason and has grabbed his chance with both hands. i like all our strikers and am one that think you should play the strikers that are on form which pav is and crouch isnt. if pav should start to fade then we have others to come in, which is the whole idea of having a good squad..

    • Sorry to put a dampner on this but are we not getting too carried away with Pavy's performances? It was not long ago that Crouch hit a hat trick and the same thing happened. His lack of ball control and the fact we were hitting too many long balls seemed to melt away. Now Pav scores a couple and we are hailing him as the Messiah.

      I was one that thought Pavy had not had enough games and thought he deserved a chance and he has done well obviously but it's only a couple of games. I was not at the match so only saw the hightlights which is always dangerous as really you only see the goals or near misses. Interesting that Kentish Maid went and her comments included Pavy having some poor incidents as well.

      He deserves a start at the weekend and will get one due to injuries anway but lets not start bigging the guy up too far too quickly. If he is still knocking them in after 6 or 7 more games then you can start calling him a legend if you want to. My guess is that will not be happening as much as I would like it to be the case.

      As for the the thought of Jenas playing - blood runs cold at the thought of it.

    • Can't fucking argue with the facts. Excellent work by the iglu boy

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      • Agree with all you say Kentish $-0 a bit flattering but with a bit of lick could have had a couple more ourselves thought it was a good cuptie. Bale great, midfield worked hard
        Modric best game since his return. Pav took both goals well, he is a bit of an anigma he seems to be doing very little then suddenly hes in the right place at the right time and bang its in, a pure goalscorer. must be in for the everton game.
        COYS bring on fulham

    • good game , and pava was great . if arry doesnt play him from the start again in the everton game then hes a mug.
      bale fantastic, gomes so solid, modric and palacios ruling the midfield. really happy we r through and lets bring on fulham.

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      • Went to the game (not long back - it's a long old journey from North London!!). Had seats right on the halfway line so got a good view of the game :-))

        We were the better team on the night (though admittedly Bolton were without key players, eg Kevin Davies, who would have made a difference). Passing was v sloppy at times, but to be fair not just from us. Bale for me was MOTM - he worked hard and kept going right to the end. Pavy missed a number of neat little through passes but I have to admit he was good for his goals. Agree he should start with Defoe v Everton. Bentley wasn't as impressive as he has been and some of his corners & crosses were woeful. Gudjohnsson, who has some nice little tricks & dummies, missed a couple of chances but I reckon he'll end up being a nice addition to the team. Bolton sprang the offside trap more than a few times, especially for Gudjohnsson's disallowed goal. I feel Modric is the key to the midfield so let's hope we don't lose him at any time during the rest of the season.

        All in all a good game to go and watch, though still some improvement to be made if we're to beat Fulham at CC and get to the semis.

    • Agreed - couldn't make the match and I'd be interested to hear what his overall performance was like, but his record over his last three games (5 goals in his last three apperances, two of which were late second half subs) speaks for itself.

      Well done that lad.

      How was the game overall - did 4-0 flatter us or where we good for it?