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  • Alan H Alan H Feb 26, 2010 05:49 Flag

    Terry And Bridge

    Don't know how you guys feel about this simmering and embarrassing World Cup hiccup, but for me Capello has no choice. Put a line through the pair of them and move on. Tough on Bridge, but so be it---or another fuskcing 4 years wasted.

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    • ...ps.. I hope Terry gets sent off today, Bridge scores 2 BUT the Chavs go on to win 3-2.
      Perfect result.....

    • Terry is a plank ... the guy is an out and out moron with a shoe size bigger than his I.Q. ... he's a punk and a lout - the epitome of the loutish football player. Complete lack of class, and frankly, should have had the captaincy taken away years ago. I'd be happy to see him go - there's plenty of others who could do the job as well or better.

    • Personally, I feel for Bridge.
      It doesn't matter whether this is football or not. Put yourself in Bridge's place in whatever job you do - ie your 'supervisor' (captain) has been messing around with your wife/girlfriend. How would you feel about going into work, knowing that it had just been spread all over the papers?
      How would you feel if you then had to stand up in front of 30,000 people - knowing they all knew?

      Terry was wrong as he had a responsibility - and Bridge's 'girlfriend' is even worse. But so far, I haven't seen Bridge do too much wrong at all.

      If we had had any form of morals in this country, Terry would have been dropped. Simple. But we don't do that sort of thing as 'sport' (or making money) comes first. We launch 'respect' campaigns and then let Gooney hurl abuse at all and sundry - and just put it down to his 'short fuse'. What? We let Terry, who should lead by example, get away with it and worse, when they axe him as captain, they put forward Ferdinand as a replacement..Absolutely gobsmacked.

      I know footballers are no different to anyone else - but they do have a responsibility as role models.

      If any of you have lived through seeing the changes on the pitch over the past 40 years - and then see how that is imitated by the young, then you'll understand. But I guess that most will just see it as boys doing what boys do.

      No wonder this country is/has gone to the dogs.

      End of lecture.

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      • I have no real sympathy for Wayne Bridge, he needs to man-up a bit, turning your back on your country just because your mate slept with your ex, it's a bit pathetic really.
        The thing is if it were me i would not have axed Terry from the captaincy, and calls for him to be dropped altogether are nonsense. Lokk at the England side, Ash.Cole - well he should be dropped for sheer idiocy and them pants, but you know the story, Rio - banned for 8 months for a drug offense. Gerrard - taken to court charged with drunken assault, Defoe - in court now for allowing someone to drive his car then perverting justice by not disclaiming who was driving, Rooney - cheated on his fiancee with a prostitute. I'm sure many more cases can be recalled by others. We have to remember that footballers are human beings, the media make them into gods, then hunt for a way to rip there idolices from them. That is what is wrong!

    • Not sure about forgetting about both of them H. Bridge has made a decsiion to miss out on playing in a World Cup. He will probably not get another chance but its his choice and one I think he will probably regret in the long term. Would it have been a distraction if Bridge and Terry were in the same WC squad - probably yes. Can you imagine the press trying to get a picture of them together!! All of the focus will have been on them and not on the football and no matter what anybody says that would have hurt our chances.

      On the other hand Terry is too stupid and big headed to have the same morals as Bridge and it should be him that shows some humility and pulls out of the WC. But he will not do that of course.

      All of that said, would we be a weaker team with Terry out - yes IMHO (Rio also being a worry). Will we be a weaker team without Bridge - not really. Cole should be ok by then by all accounts.

      I know all of that is not pretty or fair but we are talking about someone having a fling on the side not murder and if everybody that had had a fling was sacked where would we be. Morally it is wrong and brings into question the persons decision making capabilities but does or should it affect their work?? In a footballers case I think not. If he was a Divorce Lawyer then the answers would probably be yes.

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      • The most high profile competition in world sport and the media everywhere will thrive on stuff like this. There's more to come, definitely on the part of Terry.
        Don't know how much patience Capello's got, but I'm certain he's fuming, because the longer it drags on, other squad guys will start saying their piece.

      • Fair comment sfer, I agree. Bridge made his decision, which I think was very sound, and Terry is very unlikely to do the honourable thing and quit. I'm not sure whether Bridge and the woman in question were together at the time, but it's certainly not something you should get up to with your mates missus let alone the morality side of it.
        I know how I would feel if it were my other half.
        This is something Bridge may have taken into account, wondering whether the other players will be of the same opinion, thus going would "be divisive".
        I personally think that if players feel it was wrong, their feelings towards Terry will still be the same whether Bridge goes or not.
        IMHO Cappello should take the moral decision again, as he did with the captaincy.