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  • We did exceptionally well in the first half and I think we fully deserved the three points against a tough Everton side.

    They did come against us in the second half and how Donovan ended up missing that open goal is very much open to debate!

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    • That was our best 45 minute performance of the season, i know this might sound silly but i had the feeling that we needed to go in at half time 3 goals up, i knew David Moyes would rocket his boys at half time and just knew they would be a different kettle of fish, when they claw a goal back and we are winning only 2-1 it gives them sheer encouragement and in fairness to them had Donovan not missed that sitter it was a game they could have gone on to win 3-2.
      That said this was a great win for us and very much needed with Man City beating Chelsea and Liverpool also winning, but what makes this a classy win is that Everton have been the form side lately with great win in the last couple of weeks against the big boys and also bear in mind they have again injuries to there key players Fellani being a major miss for them.
      I am in awe of some of the things Modric does he is such a class act and i think that it gives players like Bale and Pav much more options, Kranjar looked better yesterday and i also thought when Hudd went off we lost our shape, not that i am one of Hudds biggest fans but he was very steady yesterday and for me looked the part, but thats his game he blows and cold for me.
      I just wish Bale was English on these performances he would be i believe on the plane to South Africa just another brilliant performance the opposition who ever it be must be worried when they know he is playing.
      All in all a fantastic result and at this stage a very much needed 3 points.

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      • Is it just me or does anyone feel that our second goal has been overlooked slightly in terms of possible contenders for goal of the season? Seriously, the link up play between our 3 Croatians was sublime and the finish was a mark of true quality by a footballing genius.

        Can't help but think that had that been Arsenal or Man U scoring (or even Barcelona!!) we wouldn't hear the end of it.

        Good result in the end, I think Huddlestone getting injured killed our flow and we looked visibly shaken. Dawson was a rock at the back again, Bale's getting better with every game and Pav's showing us why we bought him in the first place.

        Luka Modric though - different class altogether!