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  • Sfer Sfer Mar 3, 2010 00:49 Flag

    Everton Win!

    For what it is worth I would just tlike to put my two penneth in here if thats ok.

    Hudd has 45 mins where he does not play too badly and suddenly he is our best option in MF with Wilson!! As far as I could see he did not do anything spectacular and that was against a poor Everton performance.

    Could it be that we looked worse off in the second half not because Hudd was not there but because Everton had to be better than they were and that Kaboul is not a MF player who was also making his first appearance for us (again).

    Had Hudd been there it could be that the result would have been the same. Also, until Hudd performs for more than 45 mins and consistently well against better sides than Everton then I am still of the opinion that he is not good enough.

    The only problem with Hudd being injured is we might get Jenas instead!!!

    Oh and by the way, I said before this game (during our usual pre match doom and gloom, end of the world, nervous period) that we should be more optimistic about getting a result as we have a better squad now and I got a bit of stick for saying it. Well the result said it all I think. We have got a better squad now and should be able to cover injuries easier and change our formation to be able to "play" different teams depending on their strengths.